Monday, October 20, 2014

Selling hate. Inciting violence. When will the DOJ investigate?

Once again the good doctor is selling hate, inciting violence and showing his own lack of skills at using a simple tool like "Google" image.  On 20 October he shared:

Notice that he "tagged" people in the post to make sure he incited people to anger.  Notice that eight people were ignorant enough to "like" the post without questioning it and that four people were clueless enough to "share" the post. 

Read the confusing comments by some.  The anger and hostility of Uriah Ikenge Taahkarr.  The confusing comments of Wesley Adair and those of Tiffany Renee seeking to teach black men, women and children how to survive off the land and to shoot.  Then notice the very thoughtful comment by Connie Jones-Stewart that goes unanswered. 

Why would Ms. Jones-Stewarts questions go unanswered?  Simple because to tell the truth would be to communicate that the photo is a hoax.  The truth of the photo is that it is old and was originally published on Facebook in 2007 by Eugene Terrorblanche.  At the time the photo was investigated by the South African Police and it was discovered that Mr. Terrorblanche had  staged the picture, and that the child was alive and posed for the photo.  (Side note; the source I used for the original story of the photo is Black Entertainment Television - surely not a right wing group). 

Is the photo tasteless?  Hell yes.  Is it ignorant?  Hell yes.  Is it worse than what the so-called "doctor" is doing?  Hell no!  He is purposefully inciting people to violence and is acting in a manner that any judicious person should know is both unethical and immoral.  Unethical because he should know the context he is using the photo for is a lie and immoral because he is preying on people who trust him as a leader to be above reproach.  Honestly, when is the DOJ going to step in and investigate this guy?  Seriously! 

But what is he really upset about?  Is he mad that the NYT is reporting that it is unlikely Officer Wilson will be charged?  Does he see the announcement coming and is he purposefully seeking to incite people?  Is he mad that after a month of fundraising they have only collected 267.00 from 14 people?  Is he mad that after all the puffing of "leader, leader, look at me" he has a grand total of 521 "likes" to his African American Defense League

I said before that I believed the "doctor" would become more and more reckless and that his language would become amped up if he was not getting the attention that he believes he needs.  I still feel that way.  With a decision looming from the Grand Jury and information already being leaked that the DOJ may not have enough evidence to charge Officer Wilson just what is the "doctor" playing at?  Someone who trust him as speaking the truth will take his words to heart and will act out in a violent manner if he is not exposed.  I believe that in my heart. 

Originally I tried hard to be respectful to the "doctor" but at this stage I can see that he does not in any manner deserve respect.  He is a race-hustler of the highest order.  He is not about helping "his people".  You don't help anyone by lying to them.  I feel sorry for those who are "following" him and I feel sorry for our country that our Justice Department refuses to do anything. 

I did post the link to this blog on the Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere and African American Defense League Facebook Pages as those pages allow public comment. 

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