Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Although we seem to be growing more divided as a nation and are facing a great deal of uncertainty in our future today I can only think of how wonderful we are as a Nation. 

Growing up in Michigan I remember hearing the editorial of Canadian Gordon Sinclair on 760 WJR.  It was a difficult time in the 1970's with the Vietnam War, Watergate, domestic upheaval, natural disasters (floods, tornados) and it seemed America was "on the ropes".  We have no only survived by thrived from that time and although today many see our Nation to be again in decline, I know that we will again come through and show ourselves to be the beacon of liberty for the world. 

I love my country and am proud that I am an American.  We are not without fault but we remain the single greatest experiment to democracy the world has ever know. 

And just in case there are those that feel that we, American's, can't or won't return to the greatness that is written in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution, please keep in mind that this line of, "America is in decline" is not new.  We have seen our share of ups and downs yet through it all AMERICA has persevered and today, while difficult and trying, will be seen as nothing more than a period of "growth" for America.  Anyone questioning that should be reminded of the very wise words of Charlie Daniels when he reminded us, "this Lady may have stumbled, but she ain't never fell"!

Finally . . . . my all time favorite song about the Greatness of our Nation - "Living in the Promised Land" written by David Lynn Jones and performed by Joe Cocker.  God Bless and have a Great Independence Day!