Sunday, October 5, 2014

Optics: Bad timing or IJDGAD?

25 September 2014 Muslim convert Alton Nolan (Jah'Keem Yisrael) beheads Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma. 

26 September 2014 it is discovered that Mr. Nolan is better known as Jah'Keem Yisrael and his Facebook page is full of hatred for America, support for Islamic extremist and an image of a severed head with a verse from the Koran detailing how such behavior (beheading) is approved by the Koran.  (see more on Mr. Yisrael, including his words and images here).

2 October 2014 Mr. Yisrael appears in court and request a Muslim attorney. 

3 October 2014 Mrs. Hufford is laid to rest.

4 October 2014 the White House sends a special representative to the Mosque that Mr. Yisrael attended extending warm greetings from the American people during the Muslim holiday and a personal message from Pres. Obama:  “Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,” President Barack Obama said.

It's either ignorance or intentional - take your pick as neither are very appealing. 

But . . . on a side note the FBI now says that terrorism had nothing to do with the beheading (well, just as long as you ignore Mr. Yisrael's own words and pictures posted to Facebook (see here)).  The District Attorney seems to believe that Mr. Hufford's ethnicity may have been the real reason Mr. Yisrael decided to behead her.  Nice - so the DOJ will be pursuing hate crime charges, right? 

p.s. IJDGAD = I just don't give a damn. 

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