Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready and waiting . . . . without an occupant (yet).

So . . . with just a few days before Ethan's arrival his bedroom is finally finished. Laura and her Mom (Debbie) did a great job with his room - oh, I did paint and move stuff :-). So . . . what is it like? It's pretty cool - and here it is:

Ethan's ceiling . . . with clouds!

The "Bengal Tiger".

The "Meerkat".

Ethan's cradle. (The crib was brought from Germany by Laura's great grandfather and was used as a cradle for her grandfather, father, uncle and even for Laura and her sister Kristi - that's amazing to me).

The "gator" along with the tree.

The "giraffe".

Well - there it is - the room is ready - wonder if Ethan is?

It goes SO fast . . . time that is ?!?

The kids and I did NOTHING . . . . seriously . . . NOTHING . . . . during the weekend (23 - 24 July) and time went so . . . so . . FAST!

We went swimming. Used some more sprinklers. Watched movies and simply stayed near each other but . . . . that's about it.

Knoah decided that he would wake me up early on Sunday (say 4:45 early) and he and I slept the rest of the morning together. The truth was that I didn't sleep - I was to happy to have Knoah sleeping on my chest to sleep. I held his hand, brushed his hair, wiped his face and talked to him about all the things I hope he should know!

Over the weekend we did build a replica of the Wright Brothers Airplane and also played the Wii together . . . but - ya know what? That was it - we just hung out and honest - I would not change it for anything in the whole world!

Jacob Matthew with the "Wright Brother's" plane.

Birthday and a Baby Shower . . .

The weekend (15 - 17 July) started out the normal way - with a long drive and time to talk about mostly nothing. We were lucky on this drive to see a raccoon and spent a few minutes just watching him as he seemed to "play" about 20 yards from the road. Jacob has been getting really good at "seeing" animals as we drive and he even spotted a deer!

Friday was the normal - dinner and a movie. The kids were excited about Saturday as we would be attending a birthday party at ATA Martial Arts for a young friend, Mattisyn who was turning five.

Jacob was a little disappointed that there were younger kids at the party but he perked right up when he saw a few "teenage" girls and (to be honest) Mattisyn's Aunt Emily! Hannah was so excited about trying all of the "karate" stuff that I had so much fun just watching her. Knoah was . . . . Knoah. He wanted to become Mattisyn's helper and seemed to enjoy being a huge attention grabber.

Hannah . . . . enjoying the "karate" class at Mattisyn's birthday party.

Knoah "waiting" in line to go hit the dummy at Mattisyn's birthday party.

We spent the remainder of the day swimming and then playing at home before heading to bed after watching the latest "diary of a whimpy kid, "roddrick rules" movie.

Sunday proved to be a quick start to our day as the we had to eat, take showers and then head to Metamoria, Ohio for a baby shower for Ethan. The kids were wonderful at the shower and I can't express how cool it was to see them be so wonderful. Knoah had a terrific time playing with Mattisyn and Miya.

The shower went wonderful as the kids (and everyone else) got enough to eat and drink.

"Ethan William" - the small cake.

Knoah Franklin - playing "games" at the shower.

After the shower the kids then "hitched" a ride back into Monroe with there Aunt Peg and we finished our weekend - sadly :-(. But - we had a terrific time and it was wonderful to be able to take them out and play.