Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray . . . . all to promote bigotry.

People seem to love to share ignorance.  It's unexplainable why this is done so often or how it occurs so easily without someone calling people out for it.  Geez folks, Google is your friend, use it.  A great example of selling a lie to promote an agenda comes from Mauricelm-Lei Millere's Facebook page where he shared: 

His opine was that "black people need to wake up" because "they" are eating "our babies".  The problem is that the photos, like much posted about and by Mr. Millere, are FAKE and have been known to be fake for sometime now. 

It surprises me that a "doctor" would fall for something known to be a fake.  Mr. Millere shared this from another Facebook user (Torie Magnificent) and if Mr. Millere had simply taken the time to click on the photo he would have found that two people (Jonas Vroven and
Nysuttutankhamun El Atum Re) already commented that the photos were fake (see below) before he shared it and wrote his grand comment on what "they" are doing to "our babies".   It's amazing that someone with a Ph.D. could be so easily duped considering the doctors past statements on his ability to do research (see here and here). 

I guess the truth simply should not get in the way of selling a narrative of the big, evil, corrupt and destructive "man" out to get the black community - even going so far to consume "our babies" as Mr. Millere writes.  The real story, weird as it is, simply isn't as exciting:   

No question that it's distasteful art but it's still "art" (to someone anyhow).  It was not then nor is it now real.  But when you have a racist narrative to sell don't let the truth get in your way - hell, that's a type of performance art in itself.  Using a lie to sell an agenda.  Seems pretty typical from extremist. 

More information about Zhu Yu and "Eating People" can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Dr. Millere could have connected this all back to the "white" counter culture in America who were fans of the Beatles.  He could have written how these "crackers" had been programmed to consume "our babies" as early as June 1966 when the Beatles released the album "Yesterday and Today".  The albums original cover had the Beatles holding "our babies" mutilated as they smile.  If he wanted to Mr. Millere could have discussed how this was all the Illuminati willingly destroying "our babies" as early as 1966.  Now THAT would have been some good research for the doctor to "sell" to unknowing, misinformed folks. 

Beatles "Yesterday and Today" original cover (cover was quickly changed an is highly collectable today). 

Mr.. Millere did mention Jeffery Dahmer and no question that Mr. Dahmer was evil.  The good news is that he was also caught, prosecuted and put in prison.  Mr. Dahmer was killed in prison. 

Mr. Millere does have a point that cannibalism is not just wrong but evil.  For a more contemporary example of cannibalism, Mr. Millere could have used Joshua Milton Blahyi better known as General Butt Naked a Liberian Warlord

Mr. Blahyi has admitted  to being, a cannibal who preferred to sacrifice babies, because he believed that their death promised the greatest amount of protection. He went into battle naked, wearing only sneakers and carrying a machete, because he believed that it made him invulnerable -- and he was in fact never hit by a bullet. His soldiers would make bets on whether a pregnant woman was carrying a boy or a girl, and then they would slit open her belly to see who was right. Mr. Blahyi has also said he, "recruited child soldiers, made them hack other people to pieces and ate the live hearts of his enemies."

Mr. Blahyi has since found redemption in Jesus and has begun a mission to seek forgiveness from the families of those he has wronged.  The film, "The Redemption of General Butt Naked" won several honors including the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. 

Joshua Blahyi

I wonder why Mr. Millere left out the exploits of Gen. Butt Naked who admits to killing as many as 20,000 people and eating what I assume Mr. Millere would look at as "our babies".  Oh, because that would not fit the narrative he needs to sell - that's why. 

Great documentary by Vice called, "The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia" that interviews Gen. Butt Naked and others.  Gen. Butt Naked discusses how they would use drugs and drink the blood of a child before going into battle in the film.  Enjoy.  (Strong Language.  Violence and Strong Topic  - Not Safe for Children). 

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