Saturday, December 20, 2014

A little reality . . . . .

"One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic."  -  Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin (1878 - 1953), for those unfamiliar,  ruled the Union of Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1929 until his death.  He was an alley of the US during WWII and help move the USSR from a peasant farming society into an industrial / military power.   Stalin is also responsible for the death of 20 to 62 million Russian's during his rule.  Stalin ruled by fear.  Russian citizens did not speak out against Stalin or his policies for fear of being imprisoned in the "gulag". 

Statutes of Stalin were built throughout Russia and even today, sixty plus years since his death, his image is carried during the May Day Parade and many in Russia (and particularly his home state of Georgia) view him as a "hero".    But the 5' 4" Stalin was directly responsible for killing more then Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot or Josip Tito.  In truth, Stalin is behind only Mao for his murderous ways (Mao is "credited" with killing more then 60 million).  

Clearly, Stalin was not a "good guy".  He did transform the Russian military and economy but he also killed millions and enslaved millions more.  But if he actually spoke the words above as he has been quoted, he was sadly correct. 

Witness the uprising from Ferguson (MO) around the death of Michael Brown at the hands of Police Officer Darren Wilson.  The media has shared over and over the images of protesters carrying signs that read, "Black Lives Matter" but do the protestors really believe that? 

The truth is that black people are being killed in America but if you think the "cops", "pigs", "the man" (whatever we wish to call it) are the problem you are sadly mistaken.  That does not mean any death is acceptable but it means things ought to be put into context.  Think of it like this: we all get drive on public roads in cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and so on everyday knowing that a very real risk of harm exist.  Yet we engage in this because of the risk assessment we have made.  What is the real risk assessment for Black Americans?  Do they, as a group, have a higher rate of homicide in America and if so what group is the greatest threat to them?  The answer can be found by looking at the last ten years of data from the Uniform Crime Report (Federal Bureau of Investigation).  What does this data tell us? 

'04 total homicides in America; 14,121 of that 6, 632 were black Americans (46.9%). There were 15,935 known homicide perpetrators in '04 and of that 5,608 were black Americas (35.2%).

'05 total homicides in America; 14,860 of that 7,125 were black Americans (47.9%). There were 17,029 known homicide perpetrators in '05 and of that 6,379 were black Americas (37.6%).

'06 total homicides in America; 14,990 of that 6,843 were black Americans (49.5%). There were 17,399 known homicide perpetrators in '06 and of that 6,843 were black Americas (39.3%).

'07 total homicides in America; 14,831 of that 7,316 were black Americans (49.3%). There were 17,040 known homicide perpetrators in '07 and of that 6,463 were black Americas (37.9%).

'08 total homicides in America; 14,180 of that 6,782 were black Americans (47.8%). There were 16,277 known homicide perpetrators in '08 and of that 5,943 were black Americas (36.5%).

'09 total homicides in America; 13,636 of that 6,556 were black Americans (48%). There were 15,760 known homicide perpetrators in '09 and of that 5,890 were black Americas (37.4%).

'10 total homicides in America; 12,996 of that 6,470 were black Americans (49.7%). There were 15,094 known homicide perpetrators in '10 and of that 5,770 were black Americas (38.2%).

'11 total homicides in America; 12,664 of that 6,329 were black Americans (49.9%). There were 14,548 known homicide perpetrators in '11 and of that 5,488 were black Americas (37.7%).

'12 total homicides in America; 12,765 of that 6454 were black Americans (50.5%). There were 14,851 known homicide perpetrators in '12 and of that 5,531 were black Americas (37.9%).

'13 total homicides in America; 12,253 of that 5,375 were black Americans (51%). There were 14,132 known homicide perpetrators in '13 and of that 5,375 were black Americas (38%).

Total homicides in America from '04 - '13: 137,296. Total black homicide victims '04 - '13; 67,346 (49%).

Total known homicide offenders '04 - '13: 158,065. Total known black homicide offenders '04 - '13; 59,270 (37.9%)

Although just an overview several things stand out (1) Blacks in America account for 13% of the population but as a community they account for 49% of all homicide victims from '04 - '13. Let that sink in. A cohort that makes up 13% of our entire population actually accounts for 49% of all people murdered in America are black!  If that isn't a "WTF" statistic, I don't know what is.  (2) Although Blacks account for only 13% of population as a community they account for 37.9% of all known homicide offenders. Again, let that sink in. Once more a cohort that accounts for just 13% of our entire population accounts for 37.9% of all known offenders or a rate of 2.91 higher then the actual percentage of the population that cohort accounts for (also consider that this percentage and rate could only go higher if all offenders were known).  Again, another "WTF" statistic that nobody seems to want to address or discuss even though we are told "Black Lives Matter". 

I believe part of the problem, if you look at the numbers, is that homicides (and all violent crime) have gone down in America but as you can clearly see they have not gone down` within the black community. I believe this is where a big part of the problem comes from; people are dying and they are dying at a greater rate then any other ethnicity. That's a real, serious, unforgivable and I would argue unaddressed problem. So I think some of the anger about Michael Brown's killing in directed, in general, at the horrific rate of murder within the black community. I also believe that it can be addressed - quickly.

Addressing this should begin first with Mothers and Fathers. Next extended family. Then the Church and Community. Only if this becomes an individual priority for people to look in the mirror themselves will this change. It isn't impossible but it isn't easy. More importantly, IMO, Michael Brown's killing, while tragic, isn't a opportunity to demand changes from the system unless first changes are demanded from individual community members and from one another. If we are really to live the principals of "my brother's keeper", now is the time and if Michael Brown's death provides the catalyst then he did not die in vain. If after all the rhetoric, rioting, protesting and so on all that occurs is a "systematic change" for the police, courts and so on without the greater community demanding changes then American as a community will have failed our children again.  Think about it we are now nineteen years past the "Million Man March" (Oct 16, 1995) when Black Leaders called on Black men to address the economic and social issues harming the Black community.  Imagine that one year before Michael Brown was born millions gathered either in person or in spirit to "transform" the Black community. 

Think about how children will be impacted if parents don't embrace positive changes. Better yet, its fair to ask if Mr. Brown was from a positive environment where those around him largely supported positive choices? Well, I can't say anything prior to 9 August when the entire world learned Mr. Brown's name but since that time we know that many of those close to him have not acted in a manner that would be consistent with Michael learning positive values that keep him and the community safe.

After the decision of the Grand Jury was read Michael's stepfather, wearing a t-shirt that said, "I am Mike Brown" was caught on video tape repeatedly screaming; "burn this s**t down" and "if I get up there I am going to start a riot".  Did he actually feel that way? Sure - at that moment. Does he actually feel that way? He says no and I have no choice but to take him at is word. The Attorney for the family (Mr. Crump) has said it's not appropriate to judge him for this because he is human and was acting on emotion. OK. But isn't it a fair question to ask if "acting on emotion" and in a criminal manner is "common" for those that surrounded Michael prior to his death?

In truth the step-father hasn't been alone in behaving in an inappropriate manner and the fact that this language / behavior isn't being addressed is extremely concerning as I believe it will be a catalyst for even more caustic behavior in the future.

Consider, what if the threats to "burn the city" or "murder Mr. Wilson" continue. Are there not enough people who are weak enough to actually attempt or honestly follow out on those threats? We know that as of today 36 business have been either looted, damage or burned. We know that at least two police cars have been burned and another three damaged. So clearly, someone is getting the message to "burn the city".

I have been following this closely and have been amazed that the Brown Family and those close to them have sent such conflicting messages. Let me first say that I have found nothing contradictory about Michael's father and honestly feel his words and actions have been a terrific example. But, I digress, fair or not - some have judged this behavior and made the assumption that because of it there exist a confirmation that Michael Brown must have been a "thug".

Think about the raps published by Mr. Brown. I get it that cussing, talking about drugs, guns, killing and gangs are part of the music but isn't it also true that if you surround yourself with negative images you invite negativity into your heart? I understand that this is an unfair judgment but it's also a judgment that people make everyday about others at work, with family and with friends.

Think about the fact that two months ago Leslie McSpadden, the uncle of Mr. Brown willingly published a song on YouTube (Google (although I do use links a lot, I won't link to this video): "Leslie McSpadden Mike-Mike, the uncle of Michael Brown finally speaks and puts his emotions into a tribute song dedicated to his slain nephew r.i.p. Mike Mike #MB #Gang") where he rapped:

"Darren Wilson that's your a@@ you m***********g f*g"

"if we don't get justice we gonna fight you with a 9"

"if we don't get justice for my nephew Michael Brown, I put that s**t on Kaden we gonna burn the city down" (notice how its the same threat he stepfather made? Somebody has been saying / thinking / talking about this - folks don't just spontaneously bust out with; "burn this city down").

"Darren Wilson I don't know if you listen but I got a silencer so you can cancel Christmas, ketch you walking out the house wrap you like it's Christmas, b***h I am MB game you either with or you against, squash".

Is it fair to question how such negativity, if present when Michael Brown was alive, could have impacted his outlook of the world around him? I think the answer is no that it isn't fair but the truth is "the fair is in August" and life isn't fair and people make those judgments daily.

Think about the fact that, Mrs. McSpadden, Michael's Mother, is currently under investigation for a robbery and assault committed against Michael's Paternal Grandmother (Pearlie Gordon) and an uncle of Michael's. Apparently on or about 18 October at Red's BBQ in Ferguson (ironically enough the same Red's BBQ that was either burned, damaged or looted the other night during the riots), Mrs. McSpadden and several others assaulted Ms. Gordon and at least one other person who were selling "Justice for Mike" t-shirts. Mrs. McSpadden allegedly took 1,400.00 worth of merchandise and 500.00 cash before leaving. (Google the headline: "Police investigating assault & felony robbery following fight among Michael Brown`s family" by Chris Haynes). Again, people will (fair or not) look at this and question just what type of environment was Michael Brown raised. We all know this is true even if we don't admit it.

This was a tragic event but it is being made into something it isn't. The killing of Mr. Brown was not racially motivated nor is it a cause for "civil rights". There is a color involved but it isn't black or white but rather "GREEN". Which makes me wonder after the trips to Hollywood, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York and of course the trip to the Hague when is Michael Brown getting a headstone? According to CNN (Google the headline; "In the shadow of the storm called Ferguson, a quiet grave" by Moni Basu 19 November) Mr. Brown remains in an unmarked grave some 90 days after his death. But . . . . it's all about remembering "Mike" and "Justice for Mike" or "Hands up, Don't shoot" or . . . . something. Who knows. Maybe it really is about "burning the city down".

See, I know I am being judgmental and in some ways maybe even "mean". But the truth is we need to start being honest with one another. Parents need to follow the old Michael Jackson song and take a long hard look at "the man in the mirror". Leaders need to honestly start asking if they are putting the community first or if it's the next election that matters. We as a community need to honestly ask why we can't just simply find a common ground. It's not that hard - honestly.

But it will NEVER be done when the opine is "black men being killed by cops", "unarmed teenager (who just assaulted a store clerk and who the Grand Jury believed assaulted a police officer)" or "the system". If the black community wants change . . . . . first; clean up your own house before you ask others to clean up. Secondly, realize that black men are killing other black men at a rate higher then any other group in America and if this isn't addressed it will be self inflicted genocide. Nobody is telling black men to harm one another except other black men. Until this is addressed stop trying to sell the ruse of "oh, the cops" as it rings hallow. It's like addressing a symptom only to be killed by the disease. Again, I know this sounds judgmental and maybe even mean but guess what . . . it's also true. 
Like Stalin said . . . "a single death is a tragedy; one million a statistic".  We are being asked to examine and change our judicial system and for each individual Americans to take a good look in their heart and change any ill feelings they may harbor against the Black community.  I am in favor of both but I know unless the Black community begins to address the very real issues within the Black community changing the judicial system or asking people to examine their own hearts will have little impact.  I actually believe if this is what occurs it will have a negative impact in the future.  If the underlying issues are not addressed and changed and the rate of crime continues at some point in time you reach a "tipping point" where people who have been asked to change and examine the social / judicial structures throw up there hands and no longer participate. 

Admit it or not we are a far less racist society today then we were 40, 50, 60 or even . . . 19 year ago.  America has made great progress.  But today we are told "Black Lives Matter" after the death of Michael Brown.  Isn't that the same message spoke 19 years ago at the "Million Man March"?   I believe if things continue to be ignored the truth is that we will again have another "tragedy" in the near future.  The problem is that an individual tragedy is overshadowing the overwhelming and underlying true problem.   

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Y'all make sure you tell'em it wasn't protesters"

But it was. 

This is why I struggle with hearing much of the "logic" of some of the "protesters" and the so called "left" in America. 

Its dark.  They have no flashlights.  The are not wearing reflective gear.   outside.  Nobody is carrying a flashlight.  They walk into a four lane road yelling, "back up, back up, we want freedom" and then it happens.

(Note:  I am having trouble getting the video to embed and be viewable.  If it is not viewable it can be seen here).  

An innocent person simply driving down the street suffers a financial loss and could have suffered a serous personal injury. 

Within seconds of the accident happening several of the protestors can be heard saying that everyone needs to make sure they tell them it wasn't the protestors.  Then later in the video protestors can be heard saying the other car (silver Ford Focus) "hit" the driver of the blue Nissan.  By the end of the video even the man taking the video seems to agree that the silver Ford Focus hit the blue Nissan. 

Except that simply isn't true.  The "peaceful protesters" began walking into the street at about 30 seconds into the video (see below).  As they walk into oncoming traffic the approaching vehicles had a green traffic light but had stop to avoid hitting the protestors or had to take evasive action to prevent from hitting them. 

At 31 seconds protesters are now across two lanes of traffic and continuing across the street.  An oncoming vehicle (north or above the protesters as you view the photo) appears to be in the left turn lane.  This vehicle's position creates a "billboard" or obstruction for the approaching silver Ford and blue Nissan. 

At 32 seconds the protesters are further into the road with more protesters entering the street from the right of the photo.  Below the protesters a dark colored sedan can be seen stopped in the road in an effort to prevent hitting a protester even thought the vehicle has a green light. 

33 seconds into the video the protestors are no into the middle of the street and continuing left.  A vehicle approaching them (top of video) appears to be stopped in the left turn lane and the lights of the silver Ford and blue Nissan can be seen to the left side of the street (upper left of road).  At this point it appears the silver Ford is beginning to maneuver to the left (drivers right) to avoid the protesters. 

34 seconds in the protestors have a dark colored sedan and another vehicle stopped in the road below them (to the right on the screen) and the silver Ford is now clearly moving to the left (drivers right) to avoid the protesters.  Notice the vehicles still have a green light. 

At 35 seconds in the protesters have now moved clearly into the turn lane and are completely blocking off three lanes of traffic.  The silver Ford has now moved to the left (drivers right) to avoid the protesters who are being led into traffic by someone wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans. 

36 seconds into the video and the protesters can be seen to the left of the silver Ford which has now crossed the intersection.  The silver Ford has taken evasive action and has moved to the left (drivers right) to avoid hitting the protestors.  The actions of the silver Ford require the driver of the blue Nissan to take evasive action and move to the left (drivers right). 

At 37 seconds the blue Nissan makes contact with a light pole as the silver Ford crosses thru the intersection that the protesters have blocked.  There does not appear to be any physical contact with the silver Ford and the blue Nissan. 

In the screen shot at 38 seconds the silver Ford is completely past the intersection and the protesters can be seen still blocking  three lanes of traffic.  There appears to be no damage on the silver Ford. 

There also appears to be no drivers side damage to the blue Nissan as can be seen on the video and captured below. 

In essence many things may have contributed to this accident; driving conditions (late at night, poor visibility, wet driving surface), driver error (was the Ford going to fast, did the vehicle in the left turn lane (above the protesters position) come to a stop to far back from the intersection and thereby cause the blue Nissan and silver Ford to have limited visibility or awareness of the obstructions they would soon encounter). 

But the one clear cause was the action of the protesters moving into traffic and attempt to imped the legal progress of approaching motorist.  Without the protesters entering the roadway illegally it is highly unlikely this accident would have occurred.  Their actions set-off the chain of events that caused this event. 

In the video the protesters can be seen surrounding the driver of the Nissan and offering "support" by telling him that the silver Ford caused the accident.  The trouble is the silver Ford was trying to avoid the protesters and it is very possible that the driver of the blue Nissan could not see the protesters as his visibility would be blocked not only by the silver Ford but by the vehicle in the left turn lane. 

Someone within the group of protesters should have had enough awareness to say, "man, we shouldn't have been in the street" and acknowledged the role they played.  Instead they took great pains to make sure everyone would know "the protesters didn't do this" and even tried to sell the idea that the silver Ford "hit" the blue Nissan even when it's clear there appears to be no damage to the blue Nissan on the driver side in any of the video taped shots.  Notice how quick that narrative spread on the video?  The problem is that it is nothing more then a self serving lie.  Notice also that people quickly buy into this because it supports what they want to believe - "we" didn't cause this.  Let's be fair it would suck to think and know you did cause it but in the end ethics should tell you that you have to be honest.  Instead what happens is a collective group basically agreeing that it wasn't us - even when video tape evidence shows that without them in the road the silver Ford does not have to swerve to the right (entering the lane of the blue Nissan) causing the Nissan to swerve also.  The longer the video goes on the more angry and demanding the protesters get needing to ensure that people know "they" didn't cause this accident.  It's a wonderful example on how "group think" works and how quickly it takes hold without ever being spoken.  Everyone just "knows" that we are all "good" and "we" couldn't have done this.  Except they did. 

This got me thinking about the whole Michael Brown / Darren Wilson tragedy and how this is all, IMO, a narrative being sold to people and how it could have been avoided.  Consider this; Mr. Johnson states that he and Mr. Brown were stopped by Mr. Wilson because they were walking in the street and he (Mr. Wilson) told them to get on the sidewalk. 

Mr. Johnson relates that Mr. Wilson, after telling them to move to the sidewalk, began to drive away and then stopped and backed up to them.  The "leaks" in the media tell us (if true) that Mr. Wilson returned to Messer's Johnson and Brown because a radio broadcast had been announced regarding a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for two suspects involved in the robbery at the Quick Mart (which BTW, we now know by the admission of the Brown family attorney that Mr. Brown was actually the person on the video).  So  here's a thought - would this incident have ever occurred if Messer's Brown and Johnson had just been walking legally on the sidewalk and thereby Mr. Wilson would have had no reason to stop and notice them.  He could have just simply continued on his merry way  and driven past them. 

The chain of events and how the results they have are important here.  Without robbing the store there would have been no "BOLO' and Mr. Wilson as no reason to turn back and engage with Messer's Brown and Johnson.  Without walking in the street Mr. Wilson has no reason to stop and engage with Messer's Brown and Johnson. 

The ultimate and tragic realization of the truth and power of the "butterfly effect".  Think about it.  In video that shows the accident from a different angle (see below) a "protester" is heard at 14 seconds into the video proclaiming, "we going to block off the streets right here then".  If only they had considered what walking into traffic at night, in dark cloths, while the street is wet and while the cars you are attempting to block have a green light, might ultimately result in.  By not thinking about that the protesters were selfish, inconsiderate and acted illegally.  By then demanding on video that people know "it wasn't protesters" fault they prove themselves to be not only selfish but demandingly ignorant and unaware of the true cause and effect of ones actions. 

(Note:  I am having trouble getting the video to embed and be viewable.  If it is not viewable it can be seen here). 

Monday, November 17, 2014

As suspected.

Now that it is clear my favorite bigot can't eclipse the 1,500 "likes" mark on his hate group (African American Defense League) or get above the 300.00 mark with his bigoted "Help Thy Neighbor Fund" after two months, as suspected he needed to "amp" up the rhetoric. 

Enter the AADL:  Hands Down Shoot Back 2014 & Beyond, Facebook group created as a "educational" page.  So what is the "education" the silly little doctor of divinity that calls himself a psychotherapist selling?  Hate, threats and of course . . . ignorance. 

One has to wonder what "Ready or not! Here we come! You can't hide! We're gonna find you!" means when it is expressed while holding a handgun in the air?  This must just be about peace, right?  I also wonder if the man in the photo (see here) is acceptable that the post he made which originally accompanied the photo was replaced with a very real threat (original post below from 12 November).

 am sure he is aware as not only did the good doctor tag him in the photo he is also on listed as the Lt. for the State of Missouri for the African American Defense LeagueIt strikes me as funny that the good doctor always puts up photos of others in the most provocative nature and never himself - I wonder why that is?  (wink, wink, nudge, nudge . . . ). 

I do wonder when the threats will be addressed by folks like the good doctor.  Of course, I won't be holding my breath. 

One thing that I did find funny about the new AADL:  Hands Down Shoot Back 2014 & Beyond Facebook Page is that the good doctor in promoting "African American" Defense League used a stock photo as the profile photo of black soldiers.  I am sure the good doctor assumed those soldiers must be proud African's even if they are not proud African Americans. 

So why is this photo funny?  Had the very educated doctor taken 20 seconds to google the image what you find is that it is a stock news photo from the 2013 French Bastille Day Celebration.  The troops were actually participating in the parade because they had taken part in the French governments war against al-Qaida-linked extremists in Mali.  So for a minister who says that he is Muslim to use a photo of black soldiers that needed the support from a dominantly white country (France) to rid themselves of a dominantly black Muslim extremist group in an African country - well, the irony is pretty hilarious. 

If you are unaware of the good doctor and his many alias, fronts, pontifications and misdirection's you can read about his ability to "hoodwink, bamboozle and lead astray" the community he says he loves so richly here, here and here.  Each page has links to his websites, pontifications, asinine theories and completely profane rhetoric.  The most ironic thing about all of this is that I actually gave this information to the good professional on his Facebook page and he "liked" my post.  Tool.   

Friday, October 24, 2014

How with they spin it this time?

Just shy of one month ago Jah'keem Yisreal (aka Alton Nolan) beheaded one former co-worker and stabbed another in Oklahoma.  Mr. Yisreal is a Muslim convert and the immediate response was that his actions had nothing to do with Islam even though he had posted photos on his Facebook page referencing beheading and his desire for America to burn.  MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry said his actions were "workplace violence" and even agreed with one of her guest who joked (or I hope it was intend to be somehow funny) that what Muslims needed was a change in the cultural paradigm and that the new narrative should be that Muslims are actually funny people. 

Then there is Zale Thompson.  Mr. Thompson is a 32-year-old Muslim, who lived in Queens (NY), struck one of the officers in the back of the head with his hatchet and gashed another on the arm, the police said.  Officer Kenneth Healey is a 25-year-old rookie in the NYPD, he was injured critically in the attack. The other officer injured was Joseph Meeker. According to Newsday, both are natives of Long Island. CBS New York reports that Healey’s father is also an NYPD officer.

The Daily News reports that a homeless woman was also hit by a stray bullet during the incident. She’s in critical condition. Mr. Thompson was shot dead by the police at the scene. 

Mr. Thompson is alleged to have connections to IS (aka ISIL, aka ISIS) and like Mr. Yisreal last month, Mr. Thompson's Facebook had a profile picture of what could be seen as a Muslim terrorist.

Mr. Thompson was caught on videotape as he approached the officers with an axe: 

Like Mr. Yisreal, Mr. Thompson also adopted a Muslim name, Zaim Farouq Abdul-malik.  He had been discharged from the US Navy for misconduct.  Mr. Abdul-Malik (aka Thompson) was also, like Mr. Yisreal before him, willing to make public comments supporting Jihad on the internet.  On one youtube video he commented
If you’re looking for “perfect” muslims who never make any mistakes in
their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the
Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then
there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do
nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!
But, I am sure that his faith in Islam had nothing to do with his axe wielding attack on two rookie New York Police Officers, right?  
Is there a message in the fact that we have seen Mr. Yisreal, Mr. Abdul-Malik and the two Muslim attacks in Canada within the past month?  Isn't this what the Department of Homeland Security warned America that IS (aka ISIL, aka ISIS) were calling upon fellow Jihadist to engage in? 
The truth is "we", you and I, Mom and Pop in Westernized Countries may not be at "war" with Islam but it seems clear that Islam is at war with "us".  The question is, just how will we react and will the media tell us the actions of Mr. Abdul-Malik had nothing to do with Islam.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

For the Love of Money.

On 20 August, I wrote a long post on the killing for Michael Brown.  In that post I wrote;  "Sad that it has come to this.  But I believe there is a narrative of "green" at work."  I spent a great deal of time looking at some of the folks involved with the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" protest along with many of the social commentators and the attorneys representing the Brown family (Parks and Crump).  At that time I believed that the issues were not really black v. white but that a color was involved and it was "green".

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) (video at the link)  – In a recent statement, Michael Brown’s mother asked that her son not be part of self-serving business or political actions as she pleaded that he be remembered for the good.  A reported assault and theft this past weekend may dramatically underscore that sentiment.

It happened Saturday night, October 18th, at about 8:15 pm in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ.  It`s the corner of Canfield and West Florissant, just blocks from where Michael Brown was shot and killed.
Police sources tell us Brown`s Grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, along with Brown`s Cousin Tony Petty, were selling t-shirts and other Michael Brown merchandise.

A police report describes a car pulling up and several people getting out.  One of those people, was reported to be Michael Brown`s Mom, Lesley McSpadden.  A witness described McSpadden yelling ‘You can`t sell this s%$&”  One of the relatives, who was selling, reportedly demanded McSpadden show a document proving she had a patent.

The police report says that`s when an unidentified person with McSpadden assaulted Petty so violently that it resulted in a 911 call.  A witness tells Fox 2 that the weapon was a metal pipe or pole.  The suspect reportedly struck Petty in the face.  Medics then took him to Christian Northeast Hospital.  The witness said the assault suspect grabbed merchandise and a box of cash believed to contain about $1,400.

It appears surveillance cameras could have captured the fight and be part of police evidence.  Police report no arrests at this time.

We reached out to the local Brown family attorney, Anthony D. Gray and he declined to comment.

I have said all along that I have nothing but compassion for the parents of Michael Brown.  As a father I cannot imagine losing a child and I am willing to give Ms. McSpadden the benefit of the doubt and believe that she does not want Michael's image used for others to profit.  I get that.  I agree with her.  But, I am also not blind, deaf or dumb and I know that just like people trademarked and profited off "Justice for Trayvon" clothing and other items, so too will someone profit off of "Hands up, Don't shoot" or "Justice For Michael Brown" in some manner.  Right now there are two pages of search results where you can order a t-shirt on Google alone.

Above:  Google results for Justice for Michael Brown T-Shirts
At the end of the day the death of Michael Brown was tragic for him, his family, friends along with the community of Ferguson (St. Louis), the State of Missouri and the United States.  For Mr. Brown's friends and family his death is a tragic for obvious reasons.  For the local, state and nation it is a tragedy because race has been used to hustle a strange form of justice intended to subvert the established system of justice. 
The belief without evidence that the death of Michael Brown at the hands of white police officer Darren Wilson occurred simply because he was black has done nothing but continue to polarize our communities.  The cries of racism have been long and loud.  In the end the truth is that from nearly the moment the story broke nationwide color was involved.  But that color was "green" and the behavior of Michael Brown's relatives only underscore that.  In the end it all boils down to . . . .

More Hate and Misdirection from the Party of Inclusion.

Anthony Brown (D-MD) is running or Governor.  He is running in a state that favors Democrats by a margin of 2-1Democrats currently control the Governor's Office, House (98 D / 43 R) and Senate (35 D / 12 R).  Maryland is so solidly Democrat that Pres. Obama won 62% - 37% in 2008 and 62% - 36% in 2012.  But much like the coronation of Sen. Clinton in '08 that was derailed, something odd is happening in Maryland.  Mr. Brown does not hold a double digit lead over Republican challenger Larry Hogan as expected. 

Part of this can be explained because of the unpopularity of  current Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) and because Mr. Brown was in charge of the failed Maryland Health Care Exchange website that fizzled despite a cost of 288 Million.  But even with those two issues how can a clearly Democrat state have such a close race when Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two to one margin and just what is Mr. Brown going to do about it? 

Back in April I wrote a blog entry about the upcoming midterm elections and wondered just what the issues would be.  Although I believed there was then many issues that could be a focus (and still believe that today), I concluded that "the" cause celeb issue would be "racism".   As early as April enough high profile people (Pelosi, Israel, Obama, Holder, Clinton, Sharpton) had climbed aboard the; "but, but, but . . . RACISM" wagon as the underlying explanation for nearly everything that was wrong.  So what will Mr. Brown do?  Why, follow the advice of Pelosi, Israel, Obama, Holder, Clinton, Sharpton and most recently Hagan by engaging in a campaign of fear. 

Recently the Brown campaign mailed out the following advertisement: 

Above:  Outside Cover

Above:  Pages One and Two. 
Above:  Page Three and Four
Above:  Back Cover
So there it is.  Fear.  Images from the Civil Rights Movement.  Donald Trump and Voter ID laws.  WOW.  Maybe someone should remind Mr. Brown just what party supported the Civil Rights Legislation and more importantly just which party was in control in the South during the "Civil Rights" movement.  But, hell . . . why let facts get in the way when you can use fear and race because it's all about emotion - right! 
Sadly, Mr. Brown is not alone and in fairness this isn't a surprise.  Remember that it was on 08/22 that, Ms. Janet May (Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention) said  "Ferguson; could be a rallying cry for Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts, according to the voter education committee chair for the Democratic Southern caucus. “There is a story beneath the story in Ferguson,” chairwoman Janet May said at the Southern Caucus meeting during the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.  May ran through the stats of the 21,000-person Missouri town: 13,000 black citizens, about 7,000 white. Five city council members– one of whom was black. Fifty-three policemen – 50 of whom were white. A white mayor. “Do you see the picture here?” May said. “These folk don’t vote in local or midterm elections.” She added: “Now if we can’t take that scenario and roll it into a message for our party, we just need to pack it up and go home. Because we have been grasping for a message.”  In truth this is a strategy and has only one goal in mind; keep US in office.  
As Ms. Mays words were spoken in Atlanta it's not shocking that the State Democrat Party in Georgia followed her advice and this week distributed a campaign mailing depicting young children holding up a "hands up, don't shoot" sign. 
Above:  Front Cover
 Above:  Page Two

Above:  Page Three
Above:  Back Page (Note it clearly indicates it is paid for by the Democrat Party of Georgia). 
Nothing like selling bigotry and in fairness ignorance.  Consider that the State Democrat Party from Georgia assumes that Officer Wilson wrongly killed Michael Brown and in truth the Grand Jury has not rendered a decision nor has the Department of Justice.  Nothing like making someone guilty before a trial. 
Ironically in the same week that the Brown Campaign and the State of Georgia Democrat Party sent of their flyers the daughter of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Ms. Christine Pelosi penned an Op-Ed for the Huffington Post accusing Republicans of; "There they go again: The GOP is trotting out their well-worn smear and fear tactics and swift-boating women with our gender. Enough is enough. We must reject the politics of personal destruction and choose hope over fear."  Ms. Pelosi didn't cite one example of a smear and fear tactic or of swift-boating a women (whatever that is) but she sure wrote a ton of words and clearly ignored her own party.  Pathetic. 
Ms. Pelosi could have mentioned the words of OH Rep Fudge (D) or the accusations of  MO State Senator Chappelle-Nadal (D).  Shoot, Ms. Pelosi could have even mentioned the threats of extortion issued by Rep. Holmes-Norton (D).  Instead she chose to ignore and allow her own party to continue selling Hate and Misdirection all the while pointing the finger at others.  Pathetic, truly pathetic. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fear and Hate in North Carolina

Taken in part from the Fayetteville Observer (10/20/2014):

Democrat Kay Hagan is locked in a tight race for U.S. Senate with Republican Thom Tillis. She is the incumbent senator, and he is s the speaker of the N.C. House.

Polls have shown the race leaning toward Hagan but well within range for Tillis. Because of that and because the outcome of the North Carolina contest could determine whether the GOP takes control of the Senate, more than $100 million has been or will be spent on the race, much of it to pay for attack advertising and much of it spent by groups operating independently of the campaigns.

On Sunday 10/19/14 a group called Concerned Citizens of Cumberland County placed flyers under the windshield wipers of cars at the Kingdom Impact Global Ministries on Murchison Road.  Those flyers read: 

Dawn McNair said she was surprised Sunday when her daughter pointed out the background on a political flier urging people to get out and vote.

The front of the flyer blares: "Kay Hagan doesn't win! Obama's impeachment will begin!  Vote in 2014."                                                                           
 The words are superimposed over a grainy reproduction of a photograph of what appears to be a lynching. 

Someone tucked the flier under McNair's windshield wiper while her car was parked at her church, Kingdom Impact Global Ministries on Murchison Road.

"My daughter said, 'Mom, look in the background. They're lynching somebody.' It's the lynching of an African-American man," McNair said.

At the bottom, the flier reads, "Not endorsed by any candidate. Paid for by Concerned Citizens of Cumberland County." No contact information for the group was on the flier.

I Googled "Concerned Citizens of Cumberland County" (see below) and could find no website or other information outside of the reporting of this story.  Just who are these people?  Are the a 501(c)4?  Who is on the board and what association do they have with Sen. Hagan?

I am sure the DNC and the Hagan campaign will come out very soon and reject the flyer by the CCCC, right?  Promoting bigotry and hate cannot be an accepted part of the Democrat campaign strategy, right? 

The saddest part of this, IMO, is that Fayetteville (N.C.) is the home of the United States Army 18th Airborne Corps, 82d Airborne Corps, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (better known as Delta Force), 3d Special Forces, United States Army Parachute Team (Golden Knights), United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.  In the heart of such heroic patriotism and selfless sacrifice hatred is being used to try and "win" an election.  Pathetic. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Selling hate. Inciting violence. When will the DOJ investigate?

Once again the good doctor is selling hate, inciting violence and showing his own lack of skills at using a simple tool like "Google" image.  On 20 October he shared:

Notice that he "tagged" people in the post to make sure he incited people to anger.  Notice that eight people were ignorant enough to "like" the post without questioning it and that four people were clueless enough to "share" the post. 

Read the confusing comments by some.  The anger and hostility of Uriah Ikenge Taahkarr.  The confusing comments of Wesley Adair and those of Tiffany Renee seeking to teach black men, women and children how to survive off the land and to shoot.  Then notice the very thoughtful comment by Connie Jones-Stewart that goes unanswered. 

Why would Ms. Jones-Stewarts questions go unanswered?  Simple because to tell the truth would be to communicate that the photo is a hoax.  The truth of the photo is that it is old and was originally published on Facebook in 2007 by Eugene Terrorblanche.  At the time the photo was investigated by the South African Police and it was discovered that Mr. Terrorblanche had  staged the picture, and that the child was alive and posed for the photo.  (Side note; the source I used for the original story of the photo is Black Entertainment Television - surely not a right wing group). 

Is the photo tasteless?  Hell yes.  Is it ignorant?  Hell yes.  Is it worse than what the so-called "doctor" is doing?  Hell no!  He is purposefully inciting people to violence and is acting in a manner that any judicious person should know is both unethical and immoral.  Unethical because he should know the context he is using the photo for is a lie and immoral because he is preying on people who trust him as a leader to be above reproach.  Honestly, when is the DOJ going to step in and investigate this guy?  Seriously! 

But what is he really upset about?  Is he mad that the NYT is reporting that it is unlikely Officer Wilson will be charged?  Does he see the announcement coming and is he purposefully seeking to incite people?  Is he mad that after a month of fundraising they have only collected 267.00 from 14 people?  Is he mad that after all the puffing of "leader, leader, look at me" he has a grand total of 521 "likes" to his African American Defense League

I said before that I believed the "doctor" would become more and more reckless and that his language would become amped up if he was not getting the attention that he believes he needs.  I still feel that way.  With a decision looming from the Grand Jury and information already being leaked that the DOJ may not have enough evidence to charge Officer Wilson just what is the "doctor" playing at?  Someone who trust him as speaking the truth will take his words to heart and will act out in a violent manner if he is not exposed.  I believe that in my heart. 

Originally I tried hard to be respectful to the "doctor" but at this stage I can see that he does not in any manner deserve respect.  He is a race-hustler of the highest order.  He is not about helping "his people".  You don't help anyone by lying to them.  I feel sorry for those who are "following" him and I feel sorry for our country that our Justice Department refuses to do anything. 

I did post the link to this blog on the Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere and African American Defense League Facebook Pages as those pages allow public comment. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just like air . .

Meaning . . . it's necessary.  Playing drums since grade school I have had a life long love affair with music.  In no particular order, here are some of the songs that hold a special place in my heart and for some reason (OK, because the boys are asleep :-). . ), I am playing on youtube and listening. 

Eddie Money - Trinidad

Dianna Reeves - Never Too Far

The Vaughn Brothers - Tick Tock

Marvin Gaye - Mercy, Mercy Me

Ian Moore - Blue Sky (Live)

Judas Priest - Victim of Changes (Live)

Etta James, Dr. John and BB King - I'd Rather Be Blind (Live)

Steve Earl and the Dukes - Good Ol'Boy (Get'n Tough) (Live)

Marquise Porter - We Almost Lost Detroit

Secondhand Serenade - Vulnerable

Randy Crawford - Knocking on Heavens Door (Live)

Buddy Guy - Where is the Next One Coming From

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (Live)

Don Williams - Good Ole Boys Like Me

Sammy Hagar - Both Sides Now (Live) (p.s. yep, took the name of the blog from this song)

Oasis - Champagne Supernova

Chris Thomas King - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Live)

Anita Baker - You Bring Me Joy (Live)

The Jeff Healy Band - Hoochie Coochie Man

Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary

Bad Company - Burnin' Sky (Live)

Bob Dylan - Sweetheart Like You

Dwight Yoakam - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud, Loud Music (Live)

Hall & Oates - Sara Smile (Live)

John Mayer - Waiting on the World to Change
So that's just a few among the thousands that are running through my mind right now.  I have a lot to think about right now and it's all really good stuff to be honest.  I have a really important decision to make over the next couple of days and I am super excited about it but also super-duper anxious.  No matter what I decide, I will have less time with the boys and it's going to be tough being away from them.  It will also mean that I am away from Laura more and that is going to suck.  Sleeping without her is already tough. 
Thing is, the decisions we are facing will be helpful in many ways but like everything else that comes with cost.  It's a trade off, as always.  The good thing is that no matter what I decide I know that I have five amazing children and the most amazing woman on this earth to support and help me.  So the final song I am going to listen to reminds me of her and the future that awaits us. 

Westlife - I Wanna Grow Old With You
And that's how it works.  When I started listening to music tonight I was feeling sad, confused, worried and overwhelmed.  Now . . . not so much.  I have everything I could ever dream of and more.  I have some decisions to make but . . . things are going to be amazing, that much I know. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Patient Zero: "Ebola Eric", Thomas Eric Duncan

Above:  Thomas Eric Duncan (1972 - 2014), "Patient Zero". 

On 8 October 2014, Thomas Eric Duncan a 42 year old Liberian resident who made his living as a driver for the General Manager of Safeway Cargo in Liberia became "Patient Zero" for Ebola in America. 

Mr. Duncan quit his job on September 4 without giving any reason for his departure.  On 15 September,  the family of Marthalene Williams tried to get an ambulance to transport Ms. Williams from her home to a medical treatment facility in Monrovia, Liberia as Ms. Williams was showing signs of Ebola.  The family was unable to get medical transport so Mr. Duncan and others transported her by taxi.  Mr. Duncan rode in the back seat with Ms. Williams and helped carry her to the vehicle.  The family could not get Ms. Williams into the Ebola treatment facility as the facility simply had no beds.  The family and Mr. Duncan returned to the family home in a taxi whereby Mr. Duncan helped move Ms. Williams back into the family home.  Ms. Williams succumbed to Ebola later that evening. 

Four days after being exposed to Ms. Williams, Mr. Duncan presented himself at the airport and Liberia and purchased a ticket with Brussels Airlines.  Mr. Duncan flew from Monrovia to Brussels at which time he boarded United Airlines Flight 951 to Washington D.C.'s John Foster Dulles Airport.  Mr. Duncan then boarded United Airlines Flight 822 and arrived at the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport at 7:01 PM on 20 September.  Mr. Duncan then went to stay at the home of a former partner and her five children in the community of Fair Oaks in Dallas.  The government of Liberia has said that Mr. Duncan lied when he boarded the flight out of Monrovia by saying that he had not been exposed to Ebola. 

On 25 September, Mr. Duncan presented himself to medical staff at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (THPH).  Mr. Duncan was treated for a temperature that spiked at 103 and it was reported that he complained of abdominal pain for two days, a headache and decreased urination.  Mr. Duncan denied any vomiting, diarrhea or nausea during his first visit to the ER.  Mr. Duncan told the staff that he had just arrived from Liberia but he lied to staff and told them he had  not been around anyone sick recently.   Apparently,  because his temperature had been reduced, Mr. Duncan received antibiotics and was sent home with a diagnosis of "low-grade, common viral disease".  

While Mr. Duncan was seeking treatment in Dallas, Mr. Sonny Boy Williams, the older brother of Marthalene Williams who had passed away from Ebola on 15 September fell ill.  Mr. Williams had help transport his sister along with Mr. Duncan on 15 September.  Mr. Williams family called for assistance and on 24 September he was taken by ambulance from the family home.  In truth, the family home is where Mr. Duncan lived as he was renting a room from the Williams family. 

Because the world has become smaller and smaller thanks to travel and the internet the New York Times was able to confirm that Mr. Williams, like his sister before him, quickly succumbed to Ebola and died on 24 September the day before Mr. Duncan first presented himself to the ER at THPH.  In reality the "smallness" of the world was accentuated by the New York Times publication of what could be the last photo of Mr. Williams just before he was taken away by ambulance (below). 

Above:  Sonny Boy Williams as he is transported from the family home (where Mr. Duncan lived and where Ms. Williams had died on 15 September).  Mr. Williams died in transport.  

Mr. Duncan returned to THPH on 28 September with symptoms of vomiting with nausea and an increased temperature.  Two days after his admission to THPH the Center for Disease Control confirmed his diagnosis with Ebola.  Mr. Duncan was isolated and began treatment.  The experimental drug ZMapp which had been given in earlier cases of health care workers who had been diagnosed with Ebola could not be given to Mr. Duncan as the supply was depleted.  The possibility of giving Mr. Duncan a blood transfusion from Dr. Kent Brantly was explored but it was found that the blood types were incompatible.  Mr. Duncan was then given the experimental drug brincidofovir on 4 October even though the drug did not receive emergency approval as an experimental drug from the Food and Drug Administration until 6 October.  But, like his former housemates, all was for naught as Mr. Duncan died on 8 October at 7:51 am, twenty-three days after transporting Ms. Williams and fifteen days after Mr. Williams. 

Since Mr. Duncan's death his family in Dallas has enlisted the help of Rainbow Push Coalition Founder and Civil Rights Activist, Rev. Jessie Jackson.  The family believes that Mr. Duncan was not treated with the best of care and that such poor treatment can be explained only by racism.  The family has indicated they are considering taking legal action against THPH. 

Sadly the family forgets that it was Mr. Duncan who lied to board a plane and come to America.  It was Mr. Duncan who lied to THPH by saying he had not been around anyone sick.  Had Mr. Duncan called back to Monrovia and spoken to anyone between his arrival (20 September) and the death of Mr. Williams (24 September)?  Did Mr. Duncan know that Mr. Williams died prior to his arrival at the THPH ER (25 September)?  Did the family not notice he was given an experimental drug before it was even approved as a means to try and save his life?  Is the family unaware that Dr. Brantly had offered to do a transfusion but that because of blood types it was not possible?  Is the family angered by Mr. Duncan placing the five children in the home at risk by coming into the home after he knew he had been exposed?  But . . . of course . . . racism is the reason a man from Liberia died - right. 

As we all know from Mr. Duncan we now have Nurse Nina Pham who treated Mr. Duncan and has been diagnosed with Ebola.  Today (10/15/14) it was announced that Nurse Amber Joy Vinson who also treated Mr. Duncan has been diagnosed with Ebola and that she had been on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas-Fort Worth with 132 passengers on 10/13/14.  Of course the CDC says that there is minimal risk as Ms. Vinson was not showing any signs at the time but that all 132 passengers are being asked to call 1-800-CDC-INFO, just in case. 

Just how many people have been or will be infected as a result of "patient zero"?  Will our government address this issue effectively?  Is there a reason why we simply cannot suspend all travel to and from West Africa until the Ebola outbreak is contained?  More questions then answers. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This is NOT what Democracy looks like. Not now, not ever.

Sure, I could start by saying that America is not truly a Democracy as we are a Representative Republic.  But why work to have that discussion when the atmosphere is so grossly uncivil.  This is not as Pres. Obama liked to say, "a teachable moment". 

I have no doubt that there are many peaceful people engaged in protest in Ferguson (MO) as a result of the shooting death of Michael Brown.  I also don't question the passion of the protesters that are seeking answers.  I believe in the Justice System although I admit it is greatly flawed.  However, when elected representatives have engaged in baiting, narratives have been made up, so called leaders have engaged in gross self promotionhate and outright lies to promote and agenda of ignorance the real underlying issue (the death of Michael Brown and if it was or was not justified) gets lost

My feelings now about the "good" protesters are being changed.  It's not so much that I think those "good" protesters are now "bad" as much as I now think they are being used.  I started feeling this way after seeing two videos from a "protest" in Ferguson (MO).  The video names a Contra reporter and activist Baseem Masri as being the person doing the talking on the video.  Mr. Masri has been arrested during the protest on at least two occasions and some people seem to think he is now being "targeted" by the police. 

Mr. Masri "tweeted":

I do wonder what he considers peaceful.  Honestly.  A word of caution on the video's, both are extremely vulgar (cussing, threats, accusations and so on) and are not safe for work or children. 
So I guess that yelling: "f*** the police", "y'all better be scared", "get the f*** outta here lil'b****", "coward", "what's up now lil'b****", "get your hand off your gun lil'p****", "suck my d*** you coward", "shoot, shoot, shoot", "run p****" all while putting hands in the face of police officers, giving them the middle finger and then spitting (2:02 in video above) on police is now peaceful? 
But that had to be just a onetime, out of character thing, right?  If it is Mr. Marsi, as a reporter he wouldn't act like that more than once, right?  It was a fluke, yeah.  I mean all of us can do things greatly out of character from time to time (yes, including or maybe especially, me).  A professional reporter wouldn't do that a second time would he?  Hell yes they would . . .
"what the f*** you doing in this neighborhood white boy", "who do you serve, who do you protect", "you smirk'in now", "we'll serve you b****", "f*** the police", "the f*** you gonna do b***", "what happens if we take your gun", "terrorist", "ISIS", "next time you pull the trigger think about what's gonna happen to your homies, we shoot back next time" again all while getting in the police officers face and throwing up the middle finger. 
Some of the protesters have taken to saying "this is what Democracy looks like".  No, this is what ignorance looks like.  This is what inciting violence looks like.  This is what the decline of civilization looks like. 
I think that part of the reason the Ferguson protest have not maintained a national audience is because of this type of behavior.  They have lost the moral high ground.  The protest no longer look like a search for justice or a desire to address real or perceived injustices.  They now look like anarchy and not in a Sex Pistols kind of way. 
Like I said before, I believe in the Justice System.  I know the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been in Ferguson investigating the shooting death of Michael Brown since August.  I know that the Grand Jury has been extended until January 2015.  My thoughts are simple - because we are now seventy-days past the incident and neither the Grand Jury or the Department of Justice have taken any action it leads me to believe that little evidence exist that Officer Darren Wilson acted inappropriately in firing on and killing Mr. Brown.  What I believe will happen is that the announcement by the DOJ or the Grand Jury will not come until it is cold outside and the hope will be that the weather will keep people indoors.  I could be wrong but it clearly seems to be trending in that direction. 
In the end . . . the narratives are being sold and this incident will do nothing but create more division in America - especially if leaders are promoted that engage in such hostility.  Seems like we are in for a long, cold winter. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Make the lie big, simple, repetative and some will believe it.

Lies for the cause.  Because telling the truth simply does not get the message out, apparently.  Lying, bating and making accusations while calling it "facts" is the order of business.  Witness my favorite bigot as he post:   
Problem is that the name is nothing more than who inspected the bag for quality control and it has no relationship to the shooting for Michael Brown or Police Officer Darren Wilson.  A simple Google search would have show this, witness a Google search: 
The explanation for the name is:
Honestly, how can an individual that proclaims they are a community leader, communications advisor and claims to have done research be so grossly unable to use a simple tool like "Google".  Seriously. 
The saddest part is that 34 people have "liked" the post and 409 have shared it.  Seriously.  It's been said before, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”.  I wonder if the good doctor knows he is following the advice of Adolf Hitler?