Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Hate and Misdirection from the Party of Inclusion.

Anthony Brown (D-MD) is running or Governor.  He is running in a state that favors Democrats by a margin of 2-1Democrats currently control the Governor's Office, House (98 D / 43 R) and Senate (35 D / 12 R).  Maryland is so solidly Democrat that Pres. Obama won 62% - 37% in 2008 and 62% - 36% in 2012.  But much like the coronation of Sen. Clinton in '08 that was derailed, something odd is happening in Maryland.  Mr. Brown does not hold a double digit lead over Republican challenger Larry Hogan as expected. 

Part of this can be explained because of the unpopularity of  current Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) and because Mr. Brown was in charge of the failed Maryland Health Care Exchange website that fizzled despite a cost of 288 Million.  But even with those two issues how can a clearly Democrat state have such a close race when Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two to one margin and just what is Mr. Brown going to do about it? 

Back in April I wrote a blog entry about the upcoming midterm elections and wondered just what the issues would be.  Although I believed there was then many issues that could be a focus (and still believe that today), I concluded that "the" cause celeb issue would be "racism".   As early as April enough high profile people (Pelosi, Israel, Obama, Holder, Clinton, Sharpton) had climbed aboard the; "but, but, but . . . RACISM" wagon as the underlying explanation for nearly everything that was wrong.  So what will Mr. Brown do?  Why, follow the advice of Pelosi, Israel, Obama, Holder, Clinton, Sharpton and most recently Hagan by engaging in a campaign of fear. 

Recently the Brown campaign mailed out the following advertisement: 

Above:  Outside Cover

Above:  Pages One and Two. 
Above:  Page Three and Four
Above:  Back Cover
So there it is.  Fear.  Images from the Civil Rights Movement.  Donald Trump and Voter ID laws.  WOW.  Maybe someone should remind Mr. Brown just what party supported the Civil Rights Legislation and more importantly just which party was in control in the South during the "Civil Rights" movement.  But, hell . . . why let facts get in the way when you can use fear and race because it's all about emotion - right! 
Sadly, Mr. Brown is not alone and in fairness this isn't a surprise.  Remember that it was on 08/22 that, Ms. Janet May (Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention) said  "Ferguson; could be a rallying cry for Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts, according to the voter education committee chair for the Democratic Southern caucus. “There is a story beneath the story in Ferguson,” chairwoman Janet May said at the Southern Caucus meeting during the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.  May ran through the stats of the 21,000-person Missouri town: 13,000 black citizens, about 7,000 white. Five city council members– one of whom was black. Fifty-three policemen – 50 of whom were white. A white mayor. “Do you see the picture here?” May said. “These folk don’t vote in local or midterm elections.” She added: “Now if we can’t take that scenario and roll it into a message for our party, we just need to pack it up and go home. Because we have been grasping for a message.”  In truth this is a strategy and has only one goal in mind; keep US in office.  
As Ms. Mays words were spoken in Atlanta it's not shocking that the State Democrat Party in Georgia followed her advice and this week distributed a campaign mailing depicting young children holding up a "hands up, don't shoot" sign. 
Above:  Front Cover
 Above:  Page Two

Above:  Page Three
Above:  Back Page (Note it clearly indicates it is paid for by the Democrat Party of Georgia). 
Nothing like selling bigotry and in fairness ignorance.  Consider that the State Democrat Party from Georgia assumes that Officer Wilson wrongly killed Michael Brown and in truth the Grand Jury has not rendered a decision nor has the Department of Justice.  Nothing like making someone guilty before a trial. 
Ironically in the same week that the Brown Campaign and the State of Georgia Democrat Party sent of their flyers the daughter of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Ms. Christine Pelosi penned an Op-Ed for the Huffington Post accusing Republicans of; "There they go again: The GOP is trotting out their well-worn smear and fear tactics and swift-boating women with our gender. Enough is enough. We must reject the politics of personal destruction and choose hope over fear."  Ms. Pelosi didn't cite one example of a smear and fear tactic or of swift-boating a women (whatever that is) but she sure wrote a ton of words and clearly ignored her own party.  Pathetic. 
Ms. Pelosi could have mentioned the words of OH Rep Fudge (D) or the accusations of  MO State Senator Chappelle-Nadal (D).  Shoot, Ms. Pelosi could have even mentioned the threats of extortion issued by Rep. Holmes-Norton (D).  Instead she chose to ignore and allow her own party to continue selling Hate and Misdirection all the while pointing the finger at others.  Pathetic, truly pathetic. 

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