Thursday, August 28, 2014

An example of a "narrative" (or misleading the public to be more correct).

I have admitted my own bias against police.  I am not militant in believing that ALL police officers are bad but I am very much a believer that people do bad things and that some of those people are police.  Call it a normal suspicion on my part to believe that police officers can be and sometimes are bullies.  Police can and do sometimes abuse the authority they have and when that happens they should be called out and held responsible. 

Since the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer the media, so-called community leaders and even elected politicians have been banging the drum loudly about "police brutality" in America.  I am good with that conversations and hope that it goes to a helpful place that will have meaningful improvements. 

Problem is I don't actually think that will happen and I believe the biggest reason is the well has been and continues to be poisoned by many of those beating the police brutality drum.  One case in point is an article written by Snejana Farberov for Mail online  (see link at the bottom). 

The article details an encounter by several young men in Florida and two police officers.  It is reported to be from a video uploaded in 2013.  The video is taken by the passengers of the vehicle.  I won't go over the entire story as I suggest that the story should be read and the video watched.  Mr. Farberov clearly has an agenda that he wants to promote otherwise there is no point in lying. 

According to Mr. Farberov, "The officer encounters pushback from the driver, who demands to know why he needs to show his ID card.  "You're driving the car - that's why I need your ID", replies the sergeant, then adding, "I need everybody's ID". 
Problem:  It wasn't "pushback" but rather the driver asking twice "why you need my ID" somehow forgetting that he is required to present an drivers liscence upon request in all fifty states.  Mr. Farberov also leaves out the passengers in the back continue to make comments like, "what the f**k, sir" (38 seconds into the video). 
According to Mr. Farberov, "One of the occupants of the vehicle says that he is going to start recording the traffic stop.  "Turn that phone off right now," the sergeant orders the young man sitting in the back. 
Problem:  First would be that the occupants were already recording so why NOW act like you are going to start recording?  It is clearly audible that the officer replies to the occupants antagonizing with, "yeah, start recording" (46 seconds into the video).  The occupants did not say I am going to start recording the way Mr. Farberov reports is.  What was said is, "I have rights, I have rights, I'm not intimidated, I am recording your a**" (50 seconds into the video).  This was followed quickly by the occupants stating, "what the f**k you gonna do" (51 seconds into the video).  "Bitch, you on camera" (55 seconds into the video) and then "what the f**ck wrong with you stupid a** cracka" (58 seconds into the video).  
According to Mr. Farberov, "One of the men then asks the bearded cop (whom btw he refered to earlier in the story as a, mustachioed and bespectacled police) to provide his badge number and name, but the officer keeps mum, prompting the occupant of the vehicle to pull out his cell phone and try to take a photo of the officer's name tag."
Problem:  The officer actually tells the occupants his badge number, it's 606 (1:18 minute mark on the video).  The driver does stick his arm out the window and toward the police officer with something in his hands and the officer at that point reacts.  Knocking the object out of his hand and removing him from the vehicle and putting him in the prone position. 
It's crazy how the context of the story changes once you watch the video. Funny that the story ends with "The video of the February 2013 police altercation comes at a time when law enforcement agencies around the nation are facing intense scrutiny, especially in their dealings with black youths, in light of Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson, Missouri". 
How would it come at a bad time when the story even admits the police chief was aware of the video in 2013 and that while it was investigated no complaints were filed by anyone and the passengers have never came forward. But it's pretty good how Mr. Farberov got the Michael Brown / black youth / police brutality angle in there, right?  Except who mentioned ethnicity during this exchange?  Oh, the occupants of the car ("what the f**k wrong with you, stupid a** cracka").  How was it brutal?  Honestly . . I think someone should share Chris Rocks advice with Mr. Farberov (warning langue in Chris Rock video): 

Finally, I can't defend the officer who told the occupants, "I'll put a round in your a** so quick".  He was wrong but . . . what precipitated all of this?  More importantly let me clarify, he was wrong because I believe you don't threaten, you do otherwise you keep your mouth shut. 

P.S. . . . to my five children . . . IF you ever think you will talk to an adult in such a disrespectful manner as the occupants of the vehicle above.  You better reconsider that quick.  Bite your tongue until blood comes out of your mouth because if I find out . . . whew . . . you will be happy to see the police and not me.  Just say'n . . '-}.


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