Monday, September 15, 2014

Damn, I have a "new" favorite bigot! Awesome . . .

Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka Minister Mauricelm X
Bigotry is defined as;  intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.   I am always amazed at the ignorance that some people display and how some will nuance the beliefs they have in an effort to try and look as if they are not bigoted and are actually somehow rational and even normal.  Witness my new favorite bigot; Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere.  Unlike Dr. Millere, I don't hate him, wish anything horrible to occur to him, dream of violence being committed against him or anyone in his community or speak of the need for him or his community to be abolished. 
Dr. Millere is a forty-one year old man who states he has a doctorate in divinity.  He is a political activist in addition to being a psychotherapist.  Dr. Millere came to my attention because his political speech seems pretty far out there.  How far?  Well why not just share what  Dr. Millere said;
The gentleman he was speaking of, Mr. Baker, is a candidate for US Congress from Missouri and apparently in the view of  Dr. Millere, Mr. Baker must be not just unworthy of respect but apparently he deserves to be detained and beaten and for anyone that finds him, according to Dr. Millere, this should occur and they should await further instructions from Dr. Millere. 
I was pretty blown away when I read this so I decided to do some research to determine if Dr. Millere had a history with Mr. Baker that might explain his bigotry or if his comments were just completely out of character for him.  He does have a doctorate degree in divinity, right? 
Yeah, no.  Not out of character at all.  Dr. Millere, has a very public profile on the internet.  That profile can be called, at best, controversial and at worse frightening.  Dr. Millere has no less than six web pages dedicated to himself and to be charitable they are all filled with similar pontifications on his importance and soaring intellect. 
Before I get too far into the "who" of Dr. Millere, here are his many "Facebook" and LinkedIn pages:

 Dr. Millere's FB personal profile page (above).  Notice that he states he resides in the Washington D.C. area and not Columbus (OH) where his business cards list him.  Sure this could be an error but for a guy with a Ph.D. his data, as you will see, sure is inconsistent. (note; this page (Mauricel Lie-Millere has been removed as of 09/15/2014.  According to a post by AAfrika Pride on the African American Defense League Page, Facebook Administration took the page off line (see below)).

Dr. Millere in one of the many biographies he has online calls himself, "psychotherapist, poet, philosopher, Black Nationalist, Human Rights Leader".  Dr. Millere, according to his biography, began to recognize letters and read around the age of three and shortly after that he read what he called, "Law of an eye for an eye" for which he gave a citation to a Wikipedia article on the law of retributive justice (old testament eye for an eye principal).  Dr. Millere then quickly read what most of us call the "ten commandments", but as Dr. Millere has a doctorate in divinity he calls them the "Decalogue".  
After graduating high school from Central High School in West Helena (AR), Dr. Millere became a traveling student of theology where he visited Africa, India, France and Germany.  Dr. Millere was most impressed while touring what he calls, "his birthright, Kaduna State in Nigeria" (keep in mind Dr. Millere's love of Kaduna State as it will become important later).  Dr. Millere states that he attended Phillips Community College while still in high school although does not list what he studied. 
Sometime after that Dr. Millere states he joined the United States Army and later attended the United States Navy Medical Hospital Corps.  Dr. Millere states that he engaged with the military against the advice of his Grandfather who warned him about the institutionalized racism of the service. 
Dr. Millere then indicates that he attended Kansas State University and was the victim of racism while there.  Dr. Millere also attended Concordia Distance Learning Program and Fort Hays State University.  He states he received a bachelors and masters degree in philosophy.  He states he received a doctorate of divinity science along with certifications in clinical / behavioral counseling, education / psychotherapy and clinical / behavioral pastoral education psychotherapy (ACPE).  On Dr. Millere's LinkedIn Page (see below) he states his education as ANC.  There an ANC Education (see below) to be found on the internet and it is an online school based in Sri Lanka.  However it does not appear that they offer a Ph.D. in divinity.  There is also a school called American National University and that school could become important as you will see below. 

In an earlier resume posted by the Reedy River Baptist Association Inc. (see below), Dr. Millere states that he has a Doctorate Of Divinity-Clinical Pastoral Education from American National University of Religious Arts (November 2002).  It is possible that things have changed but as of 2014 ANU does not offer a Ph.D. in Divinity.  Currently ANU only offers the following advanced degrees; MBA, MBA in IT and an MS in Organizational Management. (see below).

More important is that according to the ANU website (see below) they are accredited by the "Higher Learning Commission".  According to the United States Department of Education, ANU does not meet accreditation standards (see below) and is not an accredited school.  Cautiously, I will add that a school called National American University does have several accredited programs according to the DOE (not a Ph.D. program).  Maybe the doctor made a mistake on what school he attended.  I have no clue.

From the RRBAI resume Dr. Millere states that he received a Master's of Theology-Philosophy from Concordia University (December 1995).  Concordia does award a Master's of Theology online (see link below).  So why the confusion with all of the personal web pages on LinkedIn and elsewhere?  It's just baffling.

Again with the one exception (Reedy River), Dr. Millere does not indicate from which institution he was awarded any of these degrees or certificates.  Obviously, Dr. Millere has been a busy man to have completed all of this. 

One interesting thing to note is the difference in experience and political leanings that Dr. Millere's resume with the Reedy River Baptist Association shows with his current pontifications.  In that 2002 document (see rrbai link above) the doctor was seeking  a "Pastorate Position using my skills as Executive Administration."  his resume with RRBAI is devoid of the hate and bigotry shown in his more recent postings not to mention that RRBAI is a Baptist organization and at some point Dr. Millere apparently became a Muslim as we will see later. 

I would love to learn what turned Dr. Millere away from his more tempered attitude after he gained a Ph.D..  Trust me I know that things in life can drastically change and that it is easy to become angry and hostile.  I get it.  I went through it from August '08 until November '10 when I lost a job that I dearly loved because of political reasons and then was asked for a divorce on Christmas Day.  In truth it lasted much longer than November '10 and the fact that others decisions have harmed or continue to hamper you (yes, meaning me in this case) both professionally and personally sucks.  But at some point you have to move on and get healthy.  Still, this post isn't about me so I guess all I can say is that I was lucky to have found Laura and trust me, I know that. 

Not everyone is as fortunate and clearly Dr. Millere seems to have some great anger and hostility for some unknown reason.  Well, that or he could have just been misleading in his 2002 RRBAI resume, I won't speculate.  Maybe the truth is simpler and that Dr. Millere's metamorphosis into what appears to be an angry, hostile and bitter man, at least publically, is more based on the desire to protect the color "green" more so then it is anything else.  Who knows. 
Dr. Millere states that he became or began to practice psychotherapy in Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas and the City of Memphis.  As said before, he list an address for his practice in Columbus (OH) as 3007 Quinby Drive.  This address will also serve as his home base for several operations that I will highlight later but quickly I would like to point out the address is a one story, single family residential home and not a business address. 
More information on Dr. Millere's many profiles can be found at the following: 
On another of the many websites that Dr. Millere has an address of  1425 Grandville Rd, Suite 111, East Dublin (OH) is listed.  There is an office complex at 1425 Grandville Road however I can find no suite 111 or a listing for the business Counseling Services Inc., or Dr. Millere at that address.

In a strange twist, the 1425 Grandville address list Bibi Makeda Fatou Naeem as a contact person for Dr. Millere.  She is also listed on the Counseling Services Inc. (see below), website as being a retired social worker with a BA from the Ohio State University, Masters in Social Work from Ohio Dominican and a dual associates degree in banking and finance.  Good credientals. 

Yet, it gets unclear as a LinkedIn profile then shows up for a Makeda Fatou Naeem in Columbus (OH) as the owner of the Harambee Leadership Academy Inc. (see below).  This Makeda Fatou Naeem list a BA from Ohio Dominican along with a Master of Social Work from the Ohio State University and a dual associates degree from Columbus State Community College.   The confusion of degrees raises the question of which, if either, of the profiles are correct.  It's hard to believe that someone with an MS would not properly put the school they went to on a company profile or LinkedIn but I guess mistakes can happen.

The Harambee Leadership Academy webpage (see below) does list an address of 1425 Grandville when the "contact us" link is clicked on.  According to the site the Academy has moved to  1570 Cleveland Ave as of July 1st.  Fundraising is also a part of the Harambee Leadership Academy as they have a GoFundMe page (see below).  It is important to mention that the Harambee Leadership Academy appears to have no connection to Dr. Millere on the internet.  He does not appear as a staff member at the Harambee Academy nor does he appear on the Harambee Facebook Page.

Back to Dr. Millere.  As communicated above while Dr. Millere communicates he has a doctorate degree, masters degree and a bachelors degree along with many certificates he does not list when or where they were awarded clearly with the exception of the resume on the RRBAI site.  His name and address does show up on several resources to verify that he is doing or trying to do business as a psychotherapist. 
The doctors address and name are not listed by the Care Continuum for the City of Columbus.  He does show up with eHS and on the NPI and NPPES websites with the 3007 Quinby Drive address listed above as the contact.,-DD-BMH-CPC-CC,-COUNSELING-SERVICES.html*&searchNpi=&city
Dr. Millere even has an Angie's List page!  On the Angie's list page his services are described as; "Hypnotherapy, Addiction Counseling, Family Counseling, Personal Counseling, Grief Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Home Elder Care, Independent Living, Intensive Care, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living, Alcohol Treatment Centers, Drug Treatment Centers, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Urgent Care Center"   Further the Angie's list post states that Dr. Millere has been in business since 2004 and unlike other listings that place him in Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi and the City of Memphis, Angie's List puts the doctors area of operation as; "Ohioland area; DCland area; Maryland area; Georgialand area; Virginialand area" (spelling from Angie's List).  The funniest thing about the Angie's List page can be found in the response to the question, Licensed: "Yes, I am appropriately licensed for my trade." 
When services are described the page relates that one of the goals is; "To ensure that we both establish good repore and neighborly outreach within the community and surrounding areas." (spelling error theirs).  Who would have thought that such bigotry could be seen as neighborly?  Seriously. 
Just how "neighborly" does the doctor seem?  Well, he saw the following incident and then "tweeted" about it.  First, the incident (news story in link below): 

How did the good doctor react?  Well he "tweeted":

So in the doctors very twisted, cowardice world (because you notice he encourages others, ask for donations but does what himself?  talk.) harming another human is "Gods will being done" and that it's "Black Vengeance".  Really.  Talk about a hateful, destructive human.

But . . . then again the doctor did "create" a mental illness to explain this "black vengeance" and he is taking donations for research or food and clothing or rent or bail or medical stuff or  . . . . just pass the damn plate around.  You know the "leader" has needs! 
Back to the counseling website.  I guess I could also mention the "billing" and "fees for service" which includes telephone therapy but instead I will invite anyone that likes to simply look at the post.  Instead what I will mention is that Dr. Millere also has an Angie's List page in Washington D.C., that uses the Columbus address.

Surprisingly, although Dr. Millere has two addresses listed in Columbus and has several web pages that reference those address (along with the consistent request for donations), the telephone number he uses is a Washington D.C. based number and "Referral Key" (see below) gives his location as:  Horn Lake, MS 38637  United States.  The doctors last update on Referral Key was in November 2013 so it is possible that he has moved.  But the Angie's List for Columbus indicates he has been  doing business as early as 2004 with the inference that such business is in Columbus.

I imagine it is possible that the doctors practice is so large that it takes him to several states.  If that is the case one would think that he could hire an IT professional to not only manage but clean up some of the profiles and defunct websites. 
On his LinkedIn page and several other biography pages Dr. Millere writes that he is the responsible for the mental health diagnosis; "Manic Aggression Personality Disorder – is a mental illness merely affecting Africans, Africans born in America,or the Pan-African Community. [Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere] is credited as founder of illness or disorder. Millere attributes the violence within the African American community to the enslavement of the black race. He states, “This psycho-socio illusion, or personality disorder (or M.A.P.D.), is an isolated illness pertaining to the African race entirely – mimics [bipolar] and [schizophrenic] personality [1]. Whether he is in America, Africa, the Diaspora, or abroad he suffers psychologically and socially from the evils of this [[neurotic]] syndrome for two reasons. Primarily, he suffers because the European (white) racist delusion of slavery encountered him as an animal. The term used is chattel (human cattle). Secondly, the culprit race, responsible for his inquisition refuse to take responsibility for the system of slavery and its damages, which is [[psychological]] or [[sociological]] in nature, they caused. M.A.P.D. : an illness isolated, particularly, to Africans, “Africans born in America”, or black communities, experiencing mental, behavioral, or social illness due to slavery and/or post-traumatic slave experiences. “MAP” causes blacks to, spontaneously, inflict violence on an oppressor or suspected threat. “MAP” can be witnessed in black communities, especially in America, but is becoming common against “whites” and “so-called white Jews."  (Note taken directly from the Doctors LinkedIn Page (see above), all spelling errors his).  At this point it would be important to mention that Dr. Millere does not appear on any listing for the American Psychiatric Association and the diagnosis of "MAPD" does not appear in the DSM V. 
Dr. Millere also request on his website donations for his research into dementia.  The website request that donations be paid via pay-pal.

On the "interest" page for Dr. Millere (see below) from the company Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Miller Councling Services Inc. / Psychotherapy he cites a connection to Arkansas State Hospital as a Mental Health Worker III (dates unknown). 

Dr. Millere's further citations are:

"National Baptist Conventional, USA, Inc., Department Of Christian Education Accreditation & Credentials; Sunday School Publishing Board-Pastor's Alternative For Teaching Certification, 2007-present."

"Ole Miss State University-Urban Research Certificate Of Completion, 2007-present."

"Clinical/Behavioral Counselor-Disease Invention Specialist (Public Health Investigator)/HIV-STD Certificate Of Completion,2007-present."

"Clinical Pastoral Education (License/Certification) 2005-present."

"Brynn Marr Behavioral Hospital (Clinical/Behavioral Counseling-Intern) 2004-06"
"US Naval Hospital Corpsman/Psychiatric Technician Training, 2000-05."

"DD 214, Army Good Conduct Medal, Certificate Of Achievement, 1997."

"Certificate Of Ordination (Theological Counseling/Ministry), 1994-present."

"License to Minister (Novice-Vocational & Applied/Theological Training)/Ministry, 1990-present."

Although on the business page Dr. Millere includes a "resume" (see below) it is unlike any resume I have ever seen.  There is no mention of a specific college or university. There is no past work history.  Dr. Millere does not list any specific associations, awards or published papers.  But he does mention that he has been, "Teaching counseling education classes @ university and colleges." (the @ symbol is his).
Dr. Millere also has an "accomplishment" tab on his businesses page.  Although he states he has a BA, MS and Ph.D. on his business page he list his accomplishments as: 

*Counseling Services Incorporated-Clinical/Behavioral Counselor DD-BMH, CPC-CC; private practice-present. 

*Department Of Health - Jefferson County Health Department; Center For Disease Control (Public Health Investigator/Disease Intervention Specialist), Clinical/Behavioral Counselor, private practice, 2007-present.

*Jefferson Regional Medical Center-ACPE/Advance Summer Unit (Behavioral/Clinical Pastoral Education-Chaplain), Brynn Marr Behavioral Hospital (Behavioral/Clinical Counselor Residential-Intern), Wilmington Regional Medical Center-ACPE Extended Unit (Clinical Pastoral Education Licensed/Certification), 2005-2006.

*Naval Bureau Of Medicine and Surgery Certificate Of Graduation/US Naval Hospital Corpsman School @ Great Lakes (Psychiatric Technichian); Medical Laboratory Administration Assistant, Red Cross Volunteer Administration, Great Lakes, IL; Camp Lejeune (Jacksonville), NC, 2003-2005.

*Naval Bereau Of Medicine and Surgery Certificate Of Graduation/American Council On Education (ACE)-credit recommendation: vocation certification category, emergency care, basic care procedures, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology. 560 hours of training in Basic Hospital Corpsman Curriculum/In Lower-Division, bacculereate/associate degree category, 1999-2000.

*Fort Hays State University-advance logic, philosophy-training for course/training for credits,1997-1998.

*Kansas State University-advance psychology/sociological-training for course/training and credit, 1995-1997.

Not a single statement of where a degree, any degree was awarded.  Not single citation of a published paper.  Not a single citation of where and when any credentials were awarded and by whom.  I imagine it could be an oversight but as the Doctor has so many web pages dedicated to himself it does not seem that humility is his strong suit so not including that information on your business page seems disconnected at best and deceptive at worse.

Seriously.  The doctor shows "humility" on his own business page but produced an hour long video documentary about his trip to Little Rock (AR) to protest the Matthew Rougley Case (see below).

But Dr. Millere is more than just a psychotherapist and is doing more than work on dementia and his own diagnosis of MAPD.  On his blog, "Civil Rights 2010 and Beyond" he is listed as the CEO and is seeking donations for something called, "Campaign for Better Health".
Dr. Millere has been soliciting donations for several years based on his internet profile but I have been unable to find any 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 registration with the IRS or any IRS 990's filed.  In several instances Dr. Millere  has listed a home address in Columbus (OH) as a location for his practice and for individuals to send donations to an organization titled; Civil Rights 2010 And Beyond, 3007 Quinby Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43232. 
Dr. Millere is also asking for donations through a GoFundMe Page in an effort to help raise bail for those arrested in Ferguson (MO) and to pay for other associated cost.  There were comments on the page that were, shall we say, negative and amazingly those comments keep being removed.  Amazing.

The blurred lines of legitimate / illegitimate seem to be running all across the many web pages, profiles, services offered and donations requested that Dr. Millere has floating out in space. 

I wondered just how "legitimate" the doctor was and began to wonder if I could check any of the four universities where he alleges he attended college.  Realizing that those institutions would most likely not give me any information I found after looking through the many webpages that Dr. Millere included a hyperlink for Dr. Scott Henggler Ph.D. at the Medical University of South Carolina.  (see below).  After sending an email to Dr. Henggler asking if he could vouch for the credentials of Dr. Millere he replied by email with;  

Another blurred line.

Finally, Dr. Millere does have a Corporation filing in the State of Ohio.  His business is listed as:

Corporation Details
Entity Number2052414
Original Filing Date10/03/2011
Expiry Date 
Location: County: State:
Agent / Registrant Information
Effective Date: 10/03/2011
Contact Status: Active
Incorporator Information
Filing TypeDate of FilingDocument Number/Image

The most interesting thing from the above filing is that the business is listed as a for profit limited liability company while Dr. Millere is consistently seeking donations.  Well and the fact that the business address is different from the two that appear elsewhere on the internet. 

So there is a brief overview of Dr. Millere's educational, professional and some of his fund raising works.  But remember he is a political activist which is how I learned about him.   The question for me is: were the statements he made about beating someone down out of the norm for him? 
Dr. Millere's political contributions can, like his personal / professional contributions, be found on Facebook.  Dr. Millere is the Capt. of a group called "African American Defense League".    With this group it seems that his behavior of posting ignorant, bigoted and calls for violence
to specific named individuals along with vague threats directed at communities at large are pretty consistent.    
AADL Facebook Banner Photo 

AADL Profile Photo

AADL Facebook Banner and Profile Together

Dr. Millere uses a handgun as a profile picture for the AADL (see above) and warns in a post on 11 September that: 

"In Ferguson, Missouri, all over America and yes, even Overseas in Africa - The whiteman wants your blood! How many of us has he killed and enslaved? Trillions! We are a Mighty and Holy race haunted by dogs and swine (pigs)! The whiteman is ...shedding your blood. You will not get his respect (your independence) with sitting in, wading in, singing we shall overcome. NO! We need the action that makes them pay attention. An eye for an eye philosophy! Arm yourself in Ferguson, Missouri and across America! A life for a life! Also, we must go to their comfortable neighborhoods and raid those stores. It is time to LOOT & BURN those stores. We must block every major interstate across America! We must have such a gathering to outnumber the police! You get my drift! African American Defense League 2014" 

Just like the GoFundMePage, the Civil Rights 2010 and Beyond Blog, the website asking for donations for "research" it seems one of the goals of the AADL Facebook page is to ask for donations from the community.  But, Dr. Millere, considering his stories of the touring around Europe and Africa, being in two different Military Branches and attending at least four colleges and on so, is a busy guy.  He needs support for the "cause" and of course the AADL page isn't his only political iron in the fire or Facebook.   

Dr. Millere is the administrator of a group, well actually three groups, called the Black Coffee Party. 
On what appears to be the most active public page Dr. Millere also ask for donations of 2.00 to support those in Ferguson.  Of course, Dr. Millere also uses the Black Coffee Party Facebook page to make threats and insinuate the need for violence. 

One post from February 17, 2014 reads: "You get angry and stray away from the path because I say we must kill whitey! Michael Dunn shot one our young, black, angels for no reason at all. Revolutionaries! We are being called out! Zimmerman must die and so must Michael Dunn! Who has ever heard of nonviolent revolutions or revolutionaries? Damn this! The day of violence has come! Zimmerman and Dunn must be shot in the head! When you are killing a devil, werewolf, or demon you must destroy the head! Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere , Bridgette Anderson, Black National Rifle Association (BNRA) - February 02, 2014." (closed group administered by Dr. Millere).
But even with all of that the truth is Dr. Millere is not just against jews and whites - Dr. Millere really dislikes the LGBT Community.  On his personal Facebook page on Aug 8, 2014 he shared the following; "Attention: To all blackmen. Stop these gay black brothers! We may have to beat or kill black gay brothers to save our black children. You black women will fight strong potential fathers, brothers, husbands, and friends but defend queens with not enough courage to be men - same to the other side of women/lesbians. These are they that are raping our children." (see above link).


But Dr. Millere also shares his bigotry against the LGBT community on news sites as he commented (via Disqus) that;
"LGBT community are sick adult and child molestors who must be beat or run out our communities to keep our children and adults safe. Beat or run out! Whichever comes first!" (spelling error his).

It's crazy, isn't it.  The good Doctor just can't seem to keep from typing words of hate and anger.  Even his twitter page is filled with what is now obviously normal diatribes for him and of course the Doctor has more than one Twitter page and as expected he request donations even on twitter.   

An example of some of his enlightened and understanding post are: 

"White America has gone out of her way to legalize abominations such as same sex marriages for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender commu" 

"I am told that the world's largest Oreo Cookie connector is in DC. Right here in the heart of the Nation's Capital, or so I am told!"

"America is Germany and every other white, dictating - murderous - capitalistic government! Like Hitler murdered the black, and so called"

It was on his Dr. Mauricelm-Lei twitter page that we discover that in addition to being a psychotherapist, civil rights activist, CEO of Civil Rights 2010 and Beyond, member of the New Black Panther Party that the Doctor can prepare your taxes!

"File your tax Refund for $120 or less! Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere - Counseling Services Incorporated! We do taxes!…"

The doctors second Twitter page is "different" to say the least but is still filled with odd things.  The first difference is that he uses the name Mauricelm-Lei Miller and not Millere as he had before.  It is the same person however as the @@drmauricelmleim  is consistent as is the gmail address for both. I don't tweet so maybe he just ran out of room for this full name, no idea.

That did make me wonder if maybe he was registered as a psychotherapist under the last name Miller and not Millere.  I checked, nope.  Some of his tweets from this second account are: 

"People are like trees, they'll fall down if you hit them multiple times with an axe."

The doctor even tweeted how he likes himself;

"I favorited a YouTube video -- Dr Mauricelm-Lei Millere "New Faces Among Civil Rights" ..."

The non-doctor twitter account could have given some insight into his education as he tweeted;

"Everything's gonna be ok ma'am, I've got a degree from an online college."

It was also discovered that Dr. Millere goes by the name Minister Mauricelm X and with that profile he also has tons of traffic on the net and yes some of the same bigoted, ignorant and violent rants and of course . . . request for donations!  (you know we got to pass the hat, right!).

No question that Dr. Millere (or should it be Miller now?) has no problem putting "words" on the internet.  But what about his real, audible words, could they be found and would they be just as ignorant, toxic and bigoted as he written words?  Yep. 

Dr. Millere has a “blogtalk” page where two years ago he posted; “Black People should hunt down Zimmerman and kill him”. Another post is titled; “George Zimmerman will be killed by someone in the black race”. There is a post called; “A Secret Reward for the head of George Zimmerman”.
In the blogtalk titled; “Black People should hunt down Zimmerman and kill him” the doctor states;
“The black race should hunt George Zimmerman down to kill him! He is a dog and he should be hunted down like a dog. A dog that should be caged and shot like a rabid dog. We got to find Georgie and beat him to death! Now a lot of people will tell you that I am preaching hate. I am not preaching hate! This is love
talk! If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t tell you. George Zimmerman did not love Trayvon Martin. So I want you to love Zimmereman with the love that he gave to Trayvon. Love Zimmerman with your guns, knives, razors, molotov coctails and such. You should love Zimmerman to death.” Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (spelling errors his). 
In another blogtalk post he says: “I understand that there is a secret reward on the head of George Zimmereman. certain powerful people in the black community has taken out a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman. I am so happy to hear that many blacks have begun fighting back. It is clear that the black race wants Zimmerman dead! Zimmereman’s head should roll in the streets and his blood at the every black man and woman’s feet!” Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (spelling errors his).
As if all of this wasn't enough the truth is that Dr. Millere even outdone himself on the BlogTalk pages when he stated that, "After two visits from the FBI I was shot at twice by unknown assailants!  After giving a speech before the Black National Rifle Association (BRNA) I was shot a twice.  There was a marage of bullets, buckshot, death pellets, or otherwise, in each attempt.  Had it not been for brother Thomas X, and his diligent squadrant, I would not be talking to you tonight!  Had the assailant been successful you would be attending one funeral with four bodies - mines and my sons.  Had the shooter been successful he/she, or they, would have assassinated, successfully, a 3 year old, a 6 year old, a 7yr old, and myself!  By the grace of God I am still here to finish what I have started.  My aim is to build black militias in the Fifty States for self defense blacks living amid the "Hells of the Northern American continent.  Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere - Black Nationalist Network News (BNNN), November 29, 2013" (spelling error his). 
Consider that for a second.  Not only is it OK for Dr. Millere to express bigoted, hateful and ignorant comments according to him he, "does it out of love".  Yeah, right. 
Still, it's amazing to learn that a 41 year old man who has toured Africa, Europe, been in two branches of the Military, attended at least four colleges / universities, is a Civil Rights Leader, the CEO of a Civil Rights Organization, runs his own counseling / psychotherapy service, does taxes, is a published poet and has at least twelve different internet pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on) dedicated to him was also the victim of several assassination attempts!  WTH man! 
No only does Dr. Millere discuss the assassination attempts on BlogTalk it is detailed in a Google site (see below). 
Yet even with all the seriousness of saying he was nearly assassinated, Dr. Millere also uses his BlogTalk page, like he does all of the other pages, to solicit donations.  In truth, Dr. Millere has a page (see below) that seeks donations based upon the following criteria with donation names; "No Donation Is Too Small!  Donate Now  Penny Progress   .01  Quarter Quest   .25  Fifty Cent Freedom Fund  .50  Dollar Difference.  $1.00"

Ironically the site (above) list the name and tax id number as; Liberation Temple X / Black Nationalist Network (OFAAU) 501(c)3 organization.   Our Tax ID Number is 45-3589577. 

After searching on the IRS website for a good while (say about 45 minutes), I could not find the organization as a 501(c)3. Still, to be fair that does not mean the group isn't a tax exempt organization it just means that when I put the Tax ID and organizational name into the IRS system I couldn't find it.  I also could not find the organizations IRS 990 online.

Dr. Millere also has a profile on the Hambree radio and television network.  I don't know if this is the same organization mentioned earlier in Columbus (OH) and to be fair I had grown tired of searching.

It also seems that he is a big poster to the Facebook group, AAfrikka Pride (see below).  Guess what Dr. Millere post to this group?  Yep, request for donations! 

"Help Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere to help Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri" on Aug 13, '14.  IOW, four days after Mr. Brown was killed Dr. Millere was asking for donations.  Well, he is a quick and busy guy (don't forget about all the education, military experience, travel to foreign lands and so on . . . he gets a whole heap done, right?).

I do have to give it to Dr. Millere though.  On most of the request for money it was normally noted that funds be given through PayPal.  In the case of the Minster Mauricelm X website above they also can take "Green Dot Money Packs" along with the instructions to send all checks to; Attn:  Support  Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere,  "Food and Shelter for the Homeless Campaign.".  Direct deposit can also be done to; Navy Federal Credit Union - Routing Number: 256074974.  Donations can also be mailed to; P.O. Box 3100, Merrifield, VA 22119-3100.  Donation. 

Amazingly, while the Mauricelm X site was shared as a means to ask for donations the "upcoming events" section of the blog list nothing since 2013.

Surprisingly although the website list a P.O. Box in Virginia the telephone numbers listed shows that one ((318) 533-9090) is in the State of Louisiana.  The other number ((202) 735-7656) is in Washington D.C. so at least that makes sense with the address. In truth that is the same number that Dr. Millere has published on his business card on the AAfikka Pride Facebook Page (see below) where they promote a link to African Studies ASU/PCC Education.  

 Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere business card as promoted on AAfikka Pride Facebook Page
Dr. Millere on the African Studies page (above) presents his theory on "Manic Aggression Personality Disorder".  I would encourage folks to read the doctors theory.  It is a scary miss-mash of excuses, justifications and complete and utter bullsh**t.   Well, he does cite nineteen Wikipedia pages as reference!  Again, the doctors theory of MAPD is NOT recognized by the DSM-V and there exist no sources cited by him of any professional works.  (No, Wikipedia is NOT a professional source). 

The doctor also states on the African Studies site (see link below) that he has a "book" titled; "Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder Clinical Study and Research Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere - Clinical Psychotherapist / Clinical Chaplain"  Upon clicking on the link it does not take the reader to a place to order the book but rather a long blog post by the doctor on his "theory". 

On Dr. Millere's LinkedIn page he states he has been "published" but does not list the publication where his paper, "Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder Clinical Study and Research" is published.  He simply list his business name with a publication date of August 2013.  I spent some time doing a search of several journals and also used an education publication search (it's good to have a friend that works at a library) and could find nothing.  Still the truth is that his pontifications are a theory.  A theory that is NOT accepted by the APA and does NOT appear in the DSM-V.  I did a quick search with Amazon and Google and could not find a single place to purchase the "book".

The thing is that the doctor presents himself well, in some respects.  Because of that he has an audience and that audience is being fed an agenda that is not only disconnected to modern psychiatric / psychological care (btw; I am a former licensed social worker and substance abuse therapist in Michigan).  If the audience is unaware of the many flaws in his "teachings" it makes him not only a purveyor of ignorance but a dangerous contributor to further community isolation.  Given the number of errors on the majority of his websites and his consistent use of Wikipedia as a "source" this would all be comical were it not for his very vocal threats to harm others and to disrupt the community. 
But back to the AAfikka Pride Facebook page, the doctor posted more than one request for donations.  On 15 Sept 14 he posted: "My name is Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere. I am a national organizer working in Ferguson, Missouri in wake of Mike Brown assassination. I am working with local leaders of Ferguson, Missouri and other national leaders. The $2.00 you donate to Go Funds will help to bail people out jail, provide food clothing, shelter, and a mission place for homeless communities helping us in this endeavor. Thank you in advance Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, Clinical Psychotherapist, National (Organizer) - African American Defense League"

I guess that it is cool that Dr. Millere is seeking bail money for folks and so on.  I do wonder if he is letting people know that the Ferguson City Council, "decided to abolish fines that are routinely issued if a defendant fails to show up for court, repeal a “failure to appear” law that led to many incarcerations and give people a month to come forward and void their warrants".

Still, Dr. Millere does have a point that many people were impacted as a result of the riots in Ferguson.  Citizens and businesses were greatly disrupted.  I am not sure how a guy from Columbus (OH) or Mississippi or Virginia or Washington D.C., or Arkansas and who is a dual citizen (more on that below) is or should be the one leading the cause but to each his own.  I do wonder if the doctor understands that someday he will leave the community and all of the calls for violence will be remember long after he is gone.  It makes me think that he is more about self promotion than he is about community repair. 

Even after Facebook took down (or he decided to take down) his Facebook page the doctor continued to share on other sites the grand news that he had threatened someone with violence.  On the AAfrikka Pride page the doctor links to a story from a blog called "Red Flag" about a story that reads,
"Mauricelm-Lei Millere is a Black Panther and New Black Panther Adviser who is assisting to organize the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. He has also recently encouraged people to commit violence on Martin Baker in a recent Facebook posting."  It seems that the doctor is proud that others are talking about him.  I wonder if he understands just what mental illness such behavior correlates with (give him a hint it's an Axis II diagnosis and can be found in the DSM-V). 

The question I think should be asked is what will the doctor do once the attention dies down?  Remember he has more than seventeen websites dedicated to himself.  The doctor has at least four professional profiles on social network pages.  The doctor operates at least three blogs and two blog talk radio shows.  The doctor, after traveling through Africa and Europe, attending at least four colleges and receiving several degrees does not seem to be the type of person that will just fade back into the woodwork.  He seems to crave attention (more on that later).  If innuendo no longer works just what direct threat might the good doctor find himself needing to engage in to keep folks interested.  Honestly.  The man is, IMO, not just a bigot but he is a scary bigot because he has an audience.

Oh, yea . . . I almost forgot that Dr. Millere also posted to the AAfrikka Pride page a news article which quotes him as saying: "Darren Wilson is wanted Dead or Alive," he wrote. He followed that up with: "African American Defense League." The post contains a picture of Wilson claiming the officer is "armed and dangerous."

Dr. Millere also solicits donations on his Google+ account in addition to similar ignorant and baiting comments found in other places.  One post reads; "God is telling the blackman to get a gun! Minister Mauricelm X".  While the request for donations comes in the form of; "My name is Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere. I am a national organizer working in Ferguson, Missouri in wake of Mike Brown assassination. I am working with local leaders of Ferguson, Missouri and other national leaders. The $2.00 you donate to Go Funds will help to bail people out jail, provide food clothing, shelter, and a mission place for homeless communities helping us in this endeavor. Thank you in advance Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, Clinical Psychotherapist, National (Organizer) - African American Defense League".

Of course, Dr. Millere also posted on the Google+ page; "Darren Wilson is guilty of murdering Mike Brown and is Wanted Dead Or Alive - Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, African American Defense League 2014".  Sept 15, '14.  Remember he has folks attention right now . . . the threats are there but are not being paid attention to.  What will happen when he isn't getting the attention?  How many different places does the doctor get to say, "wanted dead or alive" before legitimate authorities start to question his stability?
Still as "different" as Dr. Millere seems, like Ron Popeil always said, "wait, there's more"!  I found out from another blog (h/t Val Emmons Show that Dr. Millere even dislikes black people who don't think like him.  In a Facebook post (of course, right), Dr. Millere posted the following: 

Think about it . . . the good doctor will "run you out of town" if you are black and vote for anyone that isn't black!  WTH . . that, my friends is the best example of a bigot that I will ever be able to show. 

But (or again, however you wish to express it) there's more!  According to the doctor he, "shares a dual citizenship in Kaduna State (Hausa Tribe, Nigeria,, and Marianna, Arkansas, United States" (see link below). 

So, I imagine if the doctor is so unsettled with America and feels so connected to the Kaduna State (as he expressed in another one of the various blogs he uses to promote himself) why not just leave and go to where he is happy?  Of course, I don't know if he would be able to have the outreach there that he seems to want to have here but it does make you wonder.

To me, given the doctors threats of violence and obvious bigotry if I could I would question why he should have the ability to vote (assuming he does) as he is a dual citizen that seems very hostile to the American democracy (let's be fair, threatening to "run" black people who vote for a white candidate "out of town" just isn't the values of democracy.  Intimidation in voting is not supposed to be allowed, right?). 

So there it is.  My new favorite bigot (yes, that is sarcastic).  I am confused at how a guy with the doctors "education" can be so ignorant and bigoted.  I also can't understand how he has been seemingly able to get away with writing not just vague threats but what can be best seen as instructions to others. 
I checked the Southern Poverty Law Center website to see if they were tracking the Doctor as he clearly seems like and extremist and I was shocked (eyes rolling) to see he was apparently not on their radar.  WOW, right.  What does make this funny is that while the SPLC does not seem to "know" who Dr. Millere is the tried to interject himself into an article they published in October 2013 on the website "Hatewatch". 
The article was about the change of guard in the New Black Panther Party.  The SPLC said of the changes; "The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) has a new head hater.  The virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization announced last week that its leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, was stepping down and would be replaced by chief of staff, Hashim Nzinga."   While the article did not mention the obviously important doctor in the article the doctor was the second person to comment on the article through his Disqus account as he wrote:  "Wonderful passing of the torch! Minister Hashim Nzinga shall also be a force to be reckoned with! I thank Allah (God) for the New Black Panther Party! And I know that the Honorable Malcolm X, Honorable Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Honorable Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey are rejoicing at the welcome table." 
Dr. Millere is also associated with the Arkansas New Black Panther web page and Facebook Page.  At that point is was clear that whomever is putting these pages up is doing nothing more than using the same template over and over while just changing the header and adding or subtracting information as needed.  In truth the same spelling errors appear on one page to the next.  The consistencies of the pages are the anger, hostility, bigotry and promotion of Dr. Millere as a great voice.  It's almost weird in some ways. 

Dr. Millere proudly shares his connection to the Black Nationalism Network, an organization that he takes credit for starting and one that proudly advertises a photo of him on the webpage where he is referred to as "Little Malcolm X".  Yet, again, the website is another cut and past of the same information recited over and over on all of the other sites.  Even the photos are the same.

The bizarreness of this simply is to much for words.  Think about the page Morning Star Baptist Church P.O. Box 58 Jonesborough, LA 70170.  Although the site list the Pastor as Norman Amos in the "about" tab it shows Dr. Millere's email address ( as the contact and list Minister Mauricelm X's webpage as the churches website!  Not suprising is that the church also request donations and even offers that people can give via MoneyPacks and list Minster Mauricelm X's donation page as the e-donate contact page for those that wish not to send money to the P.O. Box! 

In reality the Morning Star Baptist Church Facebook Page has Dr. Millere's photo as a profile picture and three of the five photos are ones that he has on every other Facebook page he is associated with.  Many of the post are direct copies of what Dr. Millere post on other pages and several of them even end with his signature; Dr. Maurcielm-Lei Millere. 

Think about it.  Morning Star Baptist Church (MSBC) list an address (P.O. Box) in Jonesboro.  A simple Google search shows a reference to a MSBC in Saline (LA) along with a MSBC in Jonesboro.  Remember the Facebook Group for Morning Star Baptist Church (see below) with Dr. Millere as a contact is said to be in Jonesboro but the web address is (in part) msbcsaline (see below).  Maybe the two listings are for the same church, right.  

Well, it would seem that way because they list the same phone number.  So why the P.O. Box in Jonesboro?  Why would a church spend the money on a P.O. Box for a place 20.5 driving miles away?  Saline is a small town according to city-data and so maybe they don't have a post office.  I have no clue. 

Except and there always seems to be an "except" with Dr. Millere.  There is a profile for the MSBC in Saline that gives the address, phone and so on.  However the "find places" profile for the MSBC in Jonesboro list the website as being, the Minister Malcolm X "Google" Donations Page although they do list the same church telephone number (see above and below). 

See how this all seems so clouded and fishy.  It makes me think the real scoundrel here isn't the so-called "white devil" that Dr. Millere rants against.  The irony here is that Dr. Millere makes himself out to be a man of the cloth.  A man who would fight the devil but in my view the devil is in the details and the details tell a different story.   

But if all of that isn't enough to cause folks to scratch their heads think about this.  Dr. Millere is the contact for the Morning Star Baptist Church but according to his Facebook Page, Mauricelm X he would appear to be Muslim and not Baptist.  From the Mauricelm X about tab: "Mauricelm X is the Muslim affirmation of Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere. Seen as very much "Like Malcolm X", Mauricelm X focus on seperation & self-defense."  So is the doctor a Christian minster or is he a follower of Islam? 

Oh and yes, the doctor promotes himself on the Mauricelm X page and ask for donations also.  Like the other Facebook groups everything is interconnected and shared (photos, email addresses, webpages and so on). 

Still . . . wait, there's more!  Remember the page that Dr. Millere post to and that shares his information called AArikka Pride?  Well, that page is a member of a Facebook Group (see below) with a very odd name:  "Jonesboro, Louisiana is a Racist and Unjust Place to Live!"  WOW . . the place where the follower of Islam, donations contact person for the MSBC, Dr. Millere has a P.O. Box to accept donations for a, can I say this clear enough, Baptist Church is in a town that others call "racist and unjust".  Amazing.

Dr. Millere has the same set-up with the Facebook Page for Rev. Pastor Samuel Rogers who he states on the page is his Grandfather.  Remember, Dr. Millere said it was against his Grandfathers advice that he went into the Military as his Grandfather called the military a place of institutional racism (according to Dr. Millere).  Is this the same Grandfather?  Who knows.  Still the Rev. Pastor Samuel Rogers page shares many of the same post as all the other pages, links to Dr. Millere's pages and ask visitors to go and donate to Dr. Millere.  It's an interesting web to be fair.

On many of the pages Dr. Millere shares a photo of himself that demands other "join".

But what is he asking people to join, exactly?  Join in supporting him in one of several websites?  Join in agreeing to hateful, demagogic speech? 

Join in promoting Dr. Millere?  Just what does he want people to join, honestly?  Just consider the number of self promoting things that are cataloged above and ask if this seems like the work of a humble servant?  Then think about the fact that there are currently 50 videos of Dr. Millere posted on IfweBantu Social Network by someone named Brother X.

If you spend anytime reading my blog it should be clear that I have a diverse history to say the least.  I am all about equality and civil rights.  But I sort-of get a creepy feeling when it seems all about self promotion. 

It makes me wonder why the media, DOJ and local law enforcement are not giving Dr. Millere the attention he so gravely desires.  Why else issue publish threats?  Why else try and incite violence?  Why else publish so many websites dedicated to, well yourself, if you didn't want the attention.  Seriously.  I for one, hope that the good doctor finally gets the attention and recognition he is searching for.  Honestly, I do.  I think he needs help and is crying out for it. 
My opinion is that anyone who listens to Dr. Millere should be cautious.  My opinion is that he is doing nothing more then  . . . . well, I'll let Denzel Washington's portrayal of Malcolm X say it: "Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok! This is what He does."

Of course that is only my opinion and I am sure the "doctor" would say that because I am a "white devil" that my opinions have no bearing on him.  It would be correct to say that my opinions have no barring on him.  However doe his opinions have a barring on others?  He has said he is a civil rights leader, political activist, research psychotherapist, founder of a new psychiatric / psychological diagnosis, near martyr (what else would you call several assassination attempts), radio host, writer, educator and a man of scripture and divinity. 

So when Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka Minister Mauricelm X aka Brother Minister Mauricelm on 14 September wrote on Facebook; "Wil­son is “wanted Dead or Alive!” then followed that up on 15 September with; “When you find Dar­ren Wil­son you know what to do! Who­ever finds him knows what must be done! Take every­thing that he took from Mike Brown.”  All after publishing a poster that reads:

Just what are / were his intentions, honestly.  To me it is clear but let's walk through it. 

The good doctor publishes a poster that just so happens to (1) have an address believed to be the home of Officer Wilson (see twitter page "Darren Wilson" below).  (2) The poster directly incites action and attention to a specific location and informs interested parties that the suspect is "armed and dangerous".   (3) The doctor has posted on at least two public social network sites (Facebook, Google+) that Officer Wilson is "wanted dead or alive" (she his "tweet" below.  Also notice that the doctor linked to an article about his threat from the ADL below the threat and states that ADL considers him "influential and a serious threat".  Funny thing is that isn't really what the article relates but he does get the attention he so greatly desires).

Here is the thing, the doctor has a long history of advocating violence (see his blogtalk radio postings above) and using caustic language (see the one hour documentary cited above).  The doctor engages in this behavior even though he states that he is the founder of a mental health diagnosis (Manic Aggression Personality Disorder (MAPD)) which, according to him, "causes blacks to, spontaneously, inflict violence on an oppressor or suspected threat." (see full definition at bottom taken from his LinkedIn page). 

In essence the doctor is inciting people to violence when according to him the group he is most speaking to, has a predisposition to violence because they suffer from a mental illness.  IOW, the doctor encourages people with a propensity for violence to actually engage in that violence.  The problem is, I bet he would argue (as he does in some of his websites) that this violence is not the responsibility of the person who committed it because they have a diminished ability to control the anger and rage they have due to the mental illness (MAPD).  Just what is it that the "doctor" is wanting? 

In my opinion, Dr. Millere is a fraud.  He is not a true believer in the garbage he is selling.  If he were a true believer he would not incite others but would do the things necessary to effectuate the change he says is needed.  He would be the revolutionary and not demand others stand in front of him and sacrifice themselves.  When will it be time for him as a "revolutionary" to actually follow his own advice and begin beating, looting and arresting people?  He says these are the right things to do but he does not engage in them, why? 

Oh, I know . . because he is a "leader" for the cause.  A leader that publishes his vitriol, not just on his personal Facebook Page but on the pages of, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (public figure; 195 page likes), Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (public figure (w/o a profile picture; 111 page likes). Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (Community; 59 page likes), Jena, Louisiana and Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (Public Figure; 123 page likes), AAfrican Pride (3,848 page likes), Black Coffee Party (Political Group; 361 page likes), Black Coffee Party (closed group; 74 members), and the African American Defense League (Political Organization, 149 page likes).  The doctor encourages thousands of others but does NOTHING himself.  He does not take action.  But he damn sure does ask for donations every chance he gets - I guess we are back to that "hoodwinked, bamboozled" thing, right. 

One word of note on Dr. Millere's pontification that he has created a mental health diagnosis.  I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one, even on television.  I do not have an advanced degree in psychology nor do I pretend that I do.  What I do have is an ability to ask questions and the ability to read and understand.  According to Dr. Millere's LinkedIn page he describes his "discovered" diagnosis as: 

"Manic Aggression Personality Disorder - is a mental illness merely affecting Africans, Africans born in America,or the Pan-African Community. [Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere] is credited as founder of illness or disorder. Millere attributes the violence within the African American community to the enslavement of the black race. He states, "This psycho-socio illusion, or personality disorder (or M.A.P.D.), is an isolated illness pertaining to the African race entirely - mimics [bipolar] and [schizophrenic] personality [1]. Whether he is in America, Africa, the Diaspora, or abroad he suffers psychologically and socially from the evils of this [[neurotic]] syndrome for two reasons. Primarily, he suffers because the European (white) racist delusion of slavery encountered him as an animal. The term used is chattel (human cattle). Secondly, the culprit race, responsible for his inquisition refuse to take responsibility for the system of slavery and its damages, which is [[psychological]] or [[sociological]] in nature, they caused. M.A.P.D. : an illness isolated, particularly, to Africans, "Africans born in America", or black communities, experiencing mental, behavioral, or social illness due to slavery and/or post-traumatic slave experiences. "MAP" causes blacks to, spontaneously, inflict violence on an oppressor or suspected threat. "MAP" can be witnessed in black communities, especially in America, but is becoming common against "whites" and "so-called white Jews.

Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere is credited founder & treatment of Manic Aggressive Behavior."

The problem's with what is written above are: 

(1) Just "who" has credited Dr. Millere as the "founder of illness or disorder"?  The disorder is not accepted by the APA and does not appear in the DSM-V.  Who has given him "credit"? 

(2) Bipolar and Schizophrenia are not personality disorders as defined by the DSM-V but are Axis I disorders.  Personality disorders are Axis II diagnosis.

(3) MAPD appears to be defined by the "founder" as a Personality Disorder.  Dr. Millere makes the assertion that this disorder is caused because of the historical issues of slavery and racism (yes, I understand that slavery ended in 1865 and that the majority of Americans currently alive (including myself and Dr. Millere), were born after the abolishing of Jim Crowe laws and that passage of the Civil Rights Act but the man has a theory he needs to sell - seriously, you have seen the request for donations and GoFundMe Page, right!). 

The doctor seems to forget that according to the Mayo Clinic (an organization that has been credited in various publications) the co-factors for a personality disorder are; Family history of personality disorders or other mental illness.  Low level of education and lower social and economic status.  Verbal, physical or sexual abuse during childhood.   Neglect or an unstable or chaotic family life during childhood.  Being diagnosed with childhood conduct disorder.  Variations in brain chemistry and structure. 

Oh that's right . . . ALL of those things must have been caused by racism.  OK.  Right. 

(4) The condition (MAPD) is in part caused due to the perpetrating race, "Whitey" (as Dr. Millere calls "white people" on his Facebook Postings), does not take responsibility for his / her actions (slavery of the black community) and has not change the sociological damage inflicted by slavery. 

Let's be clear about what Dr. Millere means by "sociological damage".    He must mean organizations, institutions and the development of a group or society as those are the underpinning of sociological study.  So what can we change that can make a group more able to attain greater development?  Ah . . yes. . . reparations which is money (see the first youtube video on Dr. Millere's opine on the legitimacy of requesting reparations).  Money, that "green" that the doctor ask for on every Facebook Page, GoFundMe page and website that I can find his name on. 

The real point here is that no mental illness I can find in the DSM states that one of the reasons such illness exist is because another individual or group fails to take responsibility or make amends for past actions.  Understand a personality disorder can clearly come from abuse or neglect but in Dr. Millere's case he states the illness is in part predicated on: "Secondly, the culprit race, responsible for his inquisition refuse to take responsibility for the system of slavery and its damages, which is [[psychological]] or [[sociological]] in nature, they caused. M.A.P.D." 

According to Dr. Millere's own theory, if only "Whitey" would apologize and then do something to make the social status of blacks better the secondary cause for MAPD would disappear, correct?  Sounds more like a shakedown than a diagnosis, doesn't it. 

(5) According to Dr. Millere because of MAPD the violence in the black community is to be expected and as such understood and maybe even excused.  Without being condescending what the doctor is saying is, "those poor folks don't understand what is happening, why, they have a mental illness that makes them more prone to aggression and violence."  That is what the Doctor is saying.  Let's be clear. 

More importantly he is issuing a threat.  That threat is clear - the violence that blacks are unable to stop from happening in the black community as a result of MAPD, a condition only caused because of the behavior of "whitey", will now begin to hit the white community and the (as he calls them) "so called white Jew" community. 

It's a threat.  He is telling anyone that will listen that the violence of the black community (which he says that community is more susceptible to) is caused because "whitey" won't take responsibility for slavery and other injustices by apologizing and making the black community whole.  Because of "whitey's" inactivity the violence of the black community will begin to filter into the community of "whitey" and the "so called white Jew". 

Why would Dr. Millere feel free to write threats on Facebook and share them on not only his page but on several others?  Oh, because the organization he associates himself (the New Black Panther Party) has a history of doing the same thing, remember? 


But like I said earlier, the doctor is all show no go.  In truth I started writing about his threat to a man running for office and how that man needed to be beat down on site.  Remember?   Well, as of 17 September the "revolutionary" demanding "street justice" has backed off and now says;

Yep.  Now the doctor - after the threats of "wanted dead or alive" and instructing people to "beat down" others while the "wait for further instructions" and that "Black Vengeance is Gods will" now believes that Mr. Baker should be . . . . "chastised".  Really.  LOL. 

Maybe the doctor got the attention that he wanted and realizes that he is not part of any solution that will help a community (any community) grow.  I doubt that is the case but I am optimistic.  What's more likely is that the doctor has gotten some advice on foreseeable liability.  Either way it doesn't change the fact that I have a new favorite bigot; Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka Brother Mauricelm X.

Various other sites dedicated to the doctor and his work:

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