Thursday, June 23, 2011

April 2011

Continued update of monthly visitation:

April 1 - 3d, 2011

The kids and I spent the weekend just "hanging out" and moving things trying to get situated. We found a new place in Adrian, thanks to Laura, that the kid's fell in love with - Frosty Boy . . . so, Ice Cream was had by all. We also enjoyed going to Tressel Park for a nice walk.

April 7 - 10th, 2011

We continued the simple enjoyment of being at home and then having ice cream thanks to Frosty Boy. Jacob helped me as I put his soccer goal together and the four of us played outside the majority of the time during an extended visit.

April 15 - 17th, 2011

The kids and I continued to enjoy playing with each other at home as I continued to work through getting all of my things (including the WAY TOO MANY toys that we have) situated. Kids are excited about next week as it will be an extended visit thanks to spring break!

April 22 - 27th, 2011

Long extended visit for spring break! Yeah - it was so awesome to have them with me for so many days in a row. We played at home - a whole ton of Wii along with soccer and other outside games.

April 29 - May 1st, 2011

We had a terrific time at the Tecumseh Art Walk on Friday and then went swimming at the Lenawee Family Christian Center on Sunday. The kids had a great time as did I.

Here we all are having fun and enjoying the "water slide"!

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