Friday, June 24, 2011

June 2011

Hannah, Knoah and Jacob

Nearly caught up! ! ! Yeah! ! !

June 3 - 5th, 2011

What a fun weekend we had. Although we stayed at home we had a great bomb fire, played a new game called "Zumba", watched movies and even did Hannah's nails!

We had such a great time. Laura even made an desert with the kids of chocolate and snickers bars! I wish I could recall the name of it but I can say - it was gone pretty quick!

Knoah . . . . making "dinner"

June 10 - 14th, 2011

Yeah . . . we had an "extended" vist and had so much fun! We did art work, arrainged a play area in the garage (with ALL OF THE TOYS), did a bombfire with s'mores and hot dogs, played Wii, worked on the flower garden, caught a snake, played football, caught a frog, played golf and even went to Lincoln School Park in Adrian to play with a friend of our's (Michelle) and her dog Roxie.

Overall - We had a great time . . .

Knoah . . . Helping Decorate!

Knoah, Jacob, Me, The "snake" and Hannah.

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