Sunday, February 27, 2011

Couch Potato Weekend . . . thankfully

WOW - - work has been kinda kicking my butt this past week and even worse I have been feeling sick, so; while I was happy as a tuna fish in the open ocean to see the kids this weekend (28 - 30 January) I was also not feeling very well and hoping that we could simply "hang out" together. Thankfully - the kids were up for that too!

Except for venturing out for needed items and a short "sledding" trip we stayed close to home. Of course we still had a great deal of fun playing the Wii, board games, tag, building a "paper circus", fixing the "weasel" and simply being near each other.

Without too many words here is our weekend in pictures, enjoy:

Hannah's Paper Circus (thx's to Family Fun Magazine for the idea!).

Another view of our "circus".

Knoah helping with the circus.

Surgery on the "Weasel".

A happy Hannah with the "Weasel" in post-op!

Jacob and Knoah . . . .playing the Wii.

Sadly, as is always the case the weekend ended too soon and the kids had to go back to Monroe and to there Mommy way to early for me. But - Knoah did a great job of giving me the best reminder of how wonderfully relaxed, happy and inviting this weekend was . . .

. . . . like normal, I missed them as soon as I dropped them off and was texting Jacob within hours! But I know that I will see them in just a couple of days - hopefully we will all have the energy to go out and do something together, if not . . . just being with each other is kinda awesome too!

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