Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Father's Day Weekend 2011

Happy Father's Day Cake

There are so many things that I want to write and discuss about not only being a Father but about what this Father's Day means to me. But, honestly, right now I am feeling that I am not in the place I want to be to put all of my thoughts and feelings down and to share them.

I will share this - The kids stayed with me the 18 - 20th and during that time we played, told each other scary stories, had s'mores, baked a cake, made brownies, played with the new pet turtle, played the Wii, played clue, played with the new bubble wand, went to Madison School Park and generally had a great time being with each other.

Sunday night I made dinner and baked a cake for Father's Day. The kids gave me an awesome t-shirt, sleeping pants and an amazingly adorable outfit for Ethan. Laura gave me a terrific picture frame.

I know that there are a ton of things in life that I am not but the one thing I am proud of is that I am a Dad. I love my children more than anything on this earth. Not too long ago a friend of mine pointed me to a quote from the movie Mrs. Douptfire and I have fallen in love with it:

"In regards to my behaviour,I can only plead insanity. Because, ever since my children were born, the moment I looked at them, I was crazy about them. Once I held them, I was hooked. I'm addicted to my children, sir. I love them with all my heart. And the idea of someone telling me I can't be with them, I can't see them every day.. .It's like someone saying I can't have air. I can't live without air, and I can't live without them. Listen, I would do anything. I just want to be with them. I know I need that, sir. We have a history. And I just... They mean everything to me. And they need me as much as I need them."

So - I have a real "post" from Father's Day and maybe sometime I will share it but . . . today has been a "blue day" for me and I know that sharing that post would do nothing but share that "blueness" with others . . . . and why? I would rather share this:

Jacob, Me, Hannah and the silly boy; Knoah.

Knoah, Jacob and Hannah . . . . The greatest children on this earth.

Hannah's Father's Day Letter to me.

"Dear Dad, You have been the best dad for me for ten years. Today I have to say you ARE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD. HAPPY FATHERS DAY"

Happy Father's day to all "Dad's" . . . and if you have any advice to offer on how I am to get used to the time's I am not with my children . . . please, consider letting me know, k? Thx.

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