Monday, September 15, 2014

So THAT was just a mistake, eh? Part II

Apparently, the uber fashionable "Urban Outfitters" (Disclosure, Laura and I do own several books from Urban Outfitters) didn't pay attention to the recent ignorance displayed by Zara Clothing.  Urban Outfitters posted a vintage Kent State sweatshirt up for action on eBay.   See the problem with the shirt?  If you are over forty or paid attention in your American History class you should. 

The "problem" with the shirt for those who may not know is that Kent State is the site of the 1970 protest that ended with members of the Ohio National Guard shooting and killing four students.  The event is pretty well known to most people and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young even wrote a song about it (Ohio). 

Urban Outfitters has issued an apology and explained that it was a mistake that apparently they never intended to be offensive.  I believe them but at the same time can only think, really.  In truth half of the money raised was scheduled to go to the Southern Poverty Law Center (OK, charity is cool, right?).  So, I believe it was a mistake. 

The thing is just how old or ill-informed are the people working for Urban Outfitters that they didn't even consider, "hmmm, Kent State, vintage Sweatshirt with red splotches on it . . . hum . . this COULD look really insensitive, right?"   

Another example of "smart people" doing something extremely ignorant. 

More about the story can be found at:

If you don't know the song Ohio by CSN&Y you really should take the time to listen to it.  Great music with a terrific message. 


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