Saturday, September 20, 2014

So . . "THAT" explains why the doctor has been out.

After making public threats and pontificating on how black on white crime was "Gods Will" it seems that Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka Minister Mauricelm X has gone off the grid (please see the post "Damn, I have a "new" favorite bigot! Awesome" for more information). 

After researching up on the doctor I came to the quick conclusion that he was simply not a legitimate character.  While the doctor has his supporters (well, 153 "likes" on his African American Defense League page anyhow), it seems the assessment that the doctor just might be a fraud seems to be growing.

A gentleman named Tommie Carr (* see note at bottom reference Mr. Carr) wrote: "This negro Maurice Miller who pretends to be a doctor and calls himself maurice millere is Perpetrating a fraud pretending to be something he's not.. Him and Malik Zulu Shabazz pushing some bullshit organization ... so this nigga can scam money .. he's also claiming other people's organization and using there leaderships name to scam money ... he was seen in Ferguson, Mo dealing with the oppres...sor .... he has been reported ... and brothers and sisters are putting him in the light .. the Nation of Islam, Republic of New Afrika, and New Black Panther Party I have spoken to do not support this or him at all and others are speaking out on this.. He wages slander campaigns against good veterans in the struggle and hides his hand.. when the drama goes down this dude is shady and if you close to him watch out .. All be aware of whats happening". 

I don't know Mr. Carr and would suspect that he and I would not see eye to eye on everything but we are clearly in agreement regarding the doctor. 

I don't have a problem at all with Black Nationalism and the continuing fight for civil rights.  I believe there is still progress to be made in America.  I don't think people like the doctor or his followers will help to make progress with threats and innuendo.  I believe they will do more harm then good.  Bringing negative attention never helps besides what "revolutionary" makes public threats.  It's like the line from Goodfellas when Henry gets busted and says;  "But, when I heard all the noise, I knew they were cops. Only cops talk that way. If they'd been wiseguys, I wouldn't have heard a thing. I would've been dead."  If you're for real you don't talk it. 

Instead of me relating what Mr. Carr finds objectionable I will just share his words and those of the two supporters of the doctor. 

So what does Mr. Carr think? 

In the below post AAffikka Pride informs the world that "they closed Doc's Page!" because, "Too heavy for'em".  Right.  Not because he was bigoted.  Not because he was caustic.  Not because of the ignorance (what else do you call making threats on Facebook, seriously).  Rather the "Doc" is just to  "heavy".  Right.  Like the weight of an internet degree or multiple donation pages or . . . . anyhow. 

There is of course more but that's enough for now.  It strikes me as sad in a way that the doctor has followers.  I believe at best he is an opportunist that is using the anger people have over the status of race relations to line his own pockets. 

If the doctor wanted to do some good he should consider addressing the very real problem of education and unemployment within the black community that have, sadly, grown worse in the last several years.  If the doctor really wanted to address violence in the black community he should first clean up the black community and address the black on black crime that destroys far more families and communities then incidents like the police shooting in Ferguson.  Understand regardless of the legal outcome of the case involving Mr. Brown and Officer Wilson it's tragic that any human loses their life at the hands of a police officer.  The problem, I believe, is that failing to address the tremendous impact of black on black crime is much like treating a symptom only to be killed by the disease.  Or to put in another way:
Text in the photo above reads:  "During the 503 days between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman Verdict 10,865 Blacks were killed by other Blacks.  Name One". 

I wonder what the number was between the time Trayvon Martin was killed and the day that Michael Brown was killed?  Yet . . . . the doctor demands the conversation is about "revolution" and killing "whitey".  Well, it makes sense once you consider he did "create" a mental illness that he says explains all of this.  Right. 

There is a statement reported to be from the New Black Panther Party floating around the internet.  I have no idea if it is a real statement however it reads: 

The NBPP also "tweeted" about the doctor: 

Side note:  Mr. Tommie Carr reports to be the nephew of James Carr.  If you are unaware of who James Carr is please read up on him.  James Carr was around at the genesis of the Black Panther Party and was very well associated with George Jackson among others. 

Mr. James Carr was not what you would call a "nice guy" and spent a good majority of his life in prison.  While in college we studied up on Mr. Jackson and to a lesser extent Mr. Carr.  Mr. Jackson was a founding member of the Black Guerrilla Family (some sources give Mr. Carr credit for being involved in the foundation of the BGF while others don't.  I have no idea.  Mr. Jackson and Carr were both in the California Prison system at the time so it is highly likely). 

I would encourage anyone interested to read the book "Bad" by James Carr and "Soledad Brother:  The Prison Letters of George Jackson".  Both can be found easily on Amazon.  I will caution the reader that Mr. Carr's book is particularly grim and pulls no punches when discussing violence. 


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