Monday, September 22, 2014

Back from exile, sort of. (updated).

It didn't take my new favorite bigot long to end his social media exile (to be fair it was pretty much only on Facebook and it wasn't really self imposed according the AAffikka Pride anyhow). 

In response to a report of a racially motivated assault at a Kroger in Memphis (TN) the doctor is quoted on the AAffrikka Pride Facebook page as saying: 

Of course AAfrikka Pride "liked" this post (care to have a conversation on how creepy it is to "like" things on your own page?) and commented, "Wonderful!".  Nice.  Not sure what there is to be proud of when it comes to criminal behavior but apparently the doctor and whomever (wink, wink) the administrator for the AAfrikka Pride page is they find unlawful, violent behavior to be acceptable and wonderful.  It's hard not to shake your head at the doctors lack of empathy for another human but . . then again it was "whitey" so he's apparently "cool" with it. 

The doctor also took to one of his twitter pages and wrote: 
Can't say I understand how a group of people (mostly teenagers) attacking people in a parking lot is "self-defense" or how it is  a thing of  "beauty" but . . . OK. 
Oh, that's right, I keep forgetting.  The doctor explained how it is "self-defense" in his theory of Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder.  A theory that is not accepted by the APA nor can it be found in the DSM-V.  But, yeah it's all "wonderful" and filled with "beauty".  That's the ticket. 
The good doctor started a new Facebook page (see below).   

Surprisingly the page is nearly bare.  But as the page is only twenty-four hours (or so) old there is time and given history it's difficult to think the doctor would limit his self promotion.  My over / under is no less than ten hours and no more than twenty-four.  The page, as one can imagine, does include two request for donations.   The fund is up to 102.00 from nine donors in eleven days.  So, I guess it is safe to say the fund is pretty far off from the goal of 500,000.00. 

One thing that made me "chuckle" is that the doctor made the banner for his new Facebook page an image from the blog The Mad Jewess .  Seems the doctor is not happy that a photo of him was used to create a "Wanted Dead or Alive Poster" (below).  I can't imagine why, you know.  The doctor showed such amazing empathy and sympathy for others in the past.  Oh, right.   

I guess in the doctors world a blog is the "Jewish media".  Maybe the real issue is that the writer for the Mad Jewess is white, I have no clue, but you have to recall what the doctor said "(the) so called white Jew";  "white Jew is not the real Jew, that's something that's got to be noted.  He calls himself Hasidic but he does not exist", I guess I am not surprised the doctor does not like the blog.  One of the doctors followers believes they (Jewish media) are "gone get theirs Doc".  Wonder what that means? Besides, how can they "get theirs", hell, according to the doctor they don't exist. 

I am surprised the doctor has not addressed the accusations by Tommie Carr but to each his own.  I guess I am surprised because it seemed that one of the doctors followers were willing to call out the detractors and even willing to call them "cowards", "white mans pawn" and yep, a "faggot".   Nice.  But  I guess it is easier to call out the "Jewish media" instead of an individual calling you fake on your own Facebook page. 

In fairness to the doctor, he did address the "call out" he received from Amirah Sankofa Kweli on twitter




On Facebook the doctor didn't even address Ms. Kweli when she offered similar criticism.  Of course that was at a time when one of his six accounts were suspended. 

The good doctor didn't even try and respond to Chawn Castro Kweli on twitter when he called the doctor out.  I'll admit that I couldn't help but smile that the doctor called out Ms. Kweli for the same comment but not Mr. Kweli.  Selective outrage seems to be typical for the doctor. 


The doctor presents as if he is serving others just does not seem all that humble in my opinion.  This is a guy who claims to be such a good psychotherapist that he invited a diagnosis.  He has dedicated several Facebook profiles ((1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6)), a Google+ profile, another Google+ profile, twitter feeds (1 and 2), a Myspace page, at least fifteen web-pages, at least three Facebook political groups, a Facebook group for a church, a LinkedIn profile, a YouTube channel, a blog, a blog talk radio program, an hour long documentary and so much more to himself.  (for a more complete list of websites dedicated to the doctor see here). 


Arkansas New Black Panther Party (above).  Notice the links are to pages about the doctor.  However it seems the doctor is being called on for this page as evident by the post to the page today from Ms. Kewli (below). 
The good doctor being asked to shut the Arkansas New Black Panther Party Page down. 

Screen grab of all six Personal / Public Figure Facebook pages

Rev. Samuel Rogers Facebook Page.  Notice the website (bottom right) directs you to a page about the doctor and the email address is the organization he maintains he was the CEO of. 

I don't have the energy to mention all of the bizarre pages like wikibin, mashpedia, wpedia (just Google them).  But I will highlight my personal favorite, a site dedicated to the number of assassination attempts on the doctor and how he may possibly have cancer.  That site also details how the doctor is, "Formerly, "young protege" of Mrs Coretta Scott King's Civil Rights Advocacy Association, wife of  famed civil rights champion, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."  

The site also gives details on a woman named Dana Millere who may or may not have been married to the doctor at one time (I have no clue as the site is evasive and unclear).  But, the site does make it clear that Dana Millere was, "an very messy individual and always the center of negative gossip concerning the young leader."  Other sources, from Dr. Millere's inner circle, notes Dana Millere as very unattached and somewhat lacking the class, intelligence, and charisma, desired, as a leader's companion, "street diva."

Of course, the doctor's family is said to have been against the relationship with Dana as, "He was cautioned not to take this for granted and to marry within your social class. Many young men make the mistake of marry young women, out of pity, who are not qualified.  The young lady he married had a rough childhood and even rougher upbringing, like most Negroes from poor black families. To be blunt she was from the streets!  He would probably be disappointed in me for revealing this but I love him very much, he is a wonderful young man, and I understand that they are separated now."  But the good doctor is reported to be a; "diligent, concerned, and very forgiving individual in an, obviously, uncomfortable situation."  Which is understandable considering the site also states that, "Millere's neice, wrote a twitter blog saying she hopes the young leader dies so that she can recieve some of the insurance money."   (spelling errors theirs).

I can imagine the doctor was going through some tough things at the time if the relationship issues are true.  Then again the doctor must have been going through some spiritual difficulties also, if the site is to be believed, because while he claims he is Muslim today when that site was written (Feb 2012) it reports the doctor in, "one the churches that Dr. Millere administrated, St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church of Holly Grove Arkansas"It's all pretty fascinating. 

Fascinating, sad and amazingly self aggrandizing.  It's like the doctor talks about himself on his Facebook Page, Twitter post and the variety of  websites as if he is having a secretary write the post.  He refers to himself in the third person often.  It's emotionally disconnected to talk about yourself as if you are not the one speaking.  Think about a tweet the doctor shared: 

It's weird isn't it.  One of my favorite baseball players was Rickey Henderson and he was famous for talking in the third person.  But with Rickey it was never with arrogance or posturing like with the doctor.  Watch the video above and tell me it isn't creepy.  Music has been edited over the doctor as he speaks.  Not once during the 3:37 video can you hear an audience in the background.  There are no applause lines.  There is no call and refrain.  You see no other speakers on the steps with him and there are no flags, banners or other accoutrements present.  It is one man standing in front of a self contained podium p.a. system and talking.  Talking to whom about what because you never see or hear anyone.  The camera angel never changes and is completely stable almost as if it is on a secured tripod without an operator behind the lens.

When you go to youtube to watch the video pay attention that three of the five  comments are from Brother X (Marcus Miller aka Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka "Little Malcolm" aka Minister Mauricelm) and the two that are not are criticizing the music in the video.  It's odd.  My opinion is that it is staged and this presentation either took place in front of the most quiet crowd ever for a civil rights march or that it is simply not real.  I am leaning heavy toward the latter but I guess you never know, right.  Either way the truth is that all of this is like some great "self affirmation / promotion company"; if I tell myself I am great and make up a grand title others will think I am great.  It's aggrandizing and in many respects comes across as unstable. 

Ironically, such self aggrandizing behavior does have a very high correlation with people who are diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Consider but a few of the "symptoms" associated with NPD.  Under the criteria of the DSM to be diagnosed with NPD five of the nine symptoms must be present (note the symptoms listed below are not the nine in the DSM as there is overlap.  note: I am not in any measure making an assessment on anyone nor am I offering a professional opinion, I am simply making an observation and sharing accepted professional material):  
  • Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness.  Like creating a "title" and several Facebook pages to go along with it or making videos of yourself. 

  • Exaggerating your achievements or talents.  Like writing about a "degree" and not disclosing the University that awarded it or claiming you created a mental illness.

  • Expecting constant praise and admiration.  Like building more than fifteen web pages dedicated to yourself and referring to yourself in not just the third person but also as having attributes of historical figures such as Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King.

  • Believing that you're special and acting accordingly.  See the above three statements. 

  • Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings.  Like saying it is "beautiful" when innocent people are hurt for no reason.

  • Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans.  Like demanding an "arrest" and threatening violence if that does not occur.

  • Taking advantage of others.  Having several "GoFundMe" accounts and consistently asking for donations would meet that criteria, IMO. 

  • Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior.  Like saying "whitey" is responsible for all the ills of the black community and that only "whitey" is responsible for rape or child molestation or like calling others cowards  

  • Believing that others are jealous of you.  Like promoting negative articles about you and saying the group / individual that wrote them are "scared" of you.   

  • Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional.  Like demanding action against "whitey" but taking no physical posture yourself - only encouraging others to do it or showing no empathy / sympathy for people victimized. 

  • Being easily hurt and rejected.  Like acting offended that someone has put a poster on a blog doing to you the exact same thing you did to others. 

    But I digress.  The truth is the doctor has a long history of making inappropriate, caustic and inciting statements.  In 2012 the good doctor talked how he was "planning a meeting for the death of George Zimmerman" (see below).  Really.  Just who attended this meeting?  Seriously.  I only wonder how in the hell does the esteemed doctor get away with making such threats.   

    But I got to thinking.  The doctor has described the unprovoked violence against whites at a Kroger as a thing of  "beauty" and tells us that "Blood shall reach the horses bridle".  Really.  Hum. Blood from whom and for what reason?  It's a fair question considering the doctor called an unprovoked attack by a group of people a thing of "beauty". 

    Don't forget that in response to the attack on Meredith J. Cole, 19, and Alex J. Vessey, 23, suffered serious injuries after they were assaulted by six black males, according to the police department. The incident took place at 12:18 a.m. on Aug. 22 at 318 South Ave.

    The good doctors had no empathy or sympathy for the victims but instead tweeted:    

    "God will being done".  So, God, in the eyes of the doctor is "all good" with this beating.  Really.  WOW.  I am sure glad that those beliefs are not shared by many.   
    I wonder, why the doctor fails to understand that the people acting in a nonviolent manner in the Kroger incident or the couple walking in the Springfield incident were the ones harmed or does he not believe those injured are worthy of the advice he gave in June 2012 (see below).  Maybe that is how the doctor wants to get to that "blood reaching the bridle" stage, by creating an environment where civil disruption and violence becomes the norm. 

    The thing I find most appalling about the doctor is the lengths to which he ignores reality.  I suspect anyone that finds him palatable must be doing the same thing.  Recall that just a few days ago the doctor "tweeted":
    Really.  He is "tired of seeing and reading about our people dying / dead in the street".  Really.  So where is the focus on the black on black crime, doctor?  How can he be "tired" of anything - hell, his own "theory" (Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder) demands that this violence must occur. 

    Wonder how long it will take the good doctor to comment on the news from St. Louis today (video at the link)? 

    ST. LOUIS ( – Police say two thieves robbed six people in the 1100 block of Mississippi Saturday night and said “This is for Mike Brown” before fleeing the scene.

    According to investigators, the six victims, whose ages range from 59-61, were leaving a restaurant and walking north on Mississippi when the two suspects approached them. One suspect pulled out a gun and the other demanded the victim’s property.

    The victims complied and the suspects fled the scene.

    One of the suspects is described as a black male with a thin build, 18-25 years old, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and medium length braids or twisties, and armed with a silver handgun. The second suspect is a black male, about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, wearing all black clothing and a black ski mask.

    Wait.  Maybe, following Dr. Millere's advice, being non-violent only allows the aggressor to become more violent, so the solution is to return that violence quickly and surely.  Is that the solution the doctor is offering?  Seriously, what else is there as Dr. Millere maintains in his "theory" that blacks who commit crime are only doing so because of Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder, right? 

    As the doctor has named his "invented" illness; Manic Aggression Personality Disorder there are some facts that must be understand about personality disorders. 

    (1) They are extremely hard to treat effectively.  Some people have even argued they are "untreatable". 

    (2) While some medication is used to treat the behavioral or symptomatic issues present in people with a personality disorder (anxiety, aggression, depression and so on), there is no medication specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration (United States) or the National Institute of Health (Europe) used for the treatment of a personality disorder. 

    (3) Proper treatment for a personality disorder involves (a) getting ones emotions under control and (b) changing core beliefs (notice neither involves compliance of or an apology by an outside group). 

    (4) Success rates for patients with a personality disorders are extremely low when emotional and core belief changes do not occur.  In fact while some success has been show with proper treatment (for example; dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), psychodynamic reflective therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) and yes, even the doctors alleged magical skill of psychotherapy), the reality is that if the presenting symptoms are severe and not manageable or if the patient refuses to admit and address the manner in which they contribute to the problem no treatment will be successful. 

    Just how can anyone admit they contribute to the "problem" when the diagnosis considers them primarily a victim and not a perpetrator of inappropriate behavior.  The inappropriate behavior is seen as a rational response to past actions that were allegedly perpetrated. 

    The alleged past actions are not required to have been directly committed against the individual diagnosed with MAPD but rather that individual must simply be part of a group viewed to be aggrieved.  Finally, the alleged contributing group ("whitey") does not require that anyone or any action be an actual perpetrator of such actions as simply being "whitey" means one is a contributor to the maltreatment of "blacks".  As such "whitey" is responsible for the violence / anger displayed by "blacks" diagnosed with MAPD because "whitey" has failed to (a) apologize and (b) make amends (reparations).   Such ignorance, IMO, allows for an individual to say things like, "beautiful" to the beating of a person by a group.

    Oh, just so nobody thinks I am talking out of my behind or trying to play a doctor (with or without an internet degree) here are a few legitimate resources regarding personality disorders: 


    The APA accepts research that appears to a causational link to personality disorders.  (1) Genetics, (2) Childhood Trauma (exposure to violence, sexual / physical abuse for example), (3) Verbal Abuse, (4) High Reactivity (sensitive to light, texture, noise and so on) and (5) Peers. 

    Think about that.  (1) Genetics; hmmm . . . none of us change that.  (2) Childhood Trauma . . . like growing up in a violent community or a community that accepts criminal behavior as "normal"?  (3) Verbal Abuse . . . guess parents need to stop yelling, calling names and so on.  (4) High Reactivity is difficult to address however some sensory integration therapy does excellent work.  (5) Peers . . . hmmm. . . . . maybe parents and responsible adults ought to encourage children not to hang around with antisocial (criminal) folks.  Seems pretty simple, right. 

    Except remember, MAPD excuses the patient as being primarily a victim of bigotry, unable to manage the emotional response to the alleged aggrievances created by known or unknown others.  Further, MAPD stipulates that an known group ("whitey") must take responsibility for past aggrievances (actual or perceived) by apologizing and making amends (reparations).  It's a horrible circle.

    Anyhow, the doctor is "back in" . . . so let's see where it goes.  It will be interesting over the next couple of weeks, I am sure. 


    Man . . . I sure lost on my "over / under".  I was WAY high on the number of hours I thought it would take for the "self-promotion" to start.   

    The doctors  Facebook has him living in Washington D.C. but his practice is listed as East Dublin (OH) and yet the company on Facebook list a location as Washington D.C.  Who knows, maybe the organization is moving or opening a satellite office.  Maybe the doctor just entered a wrong location on Facebook or the company website.  Course, with everything else it just seems . . . . well, I won't steal Mr. Carr's words. 

    Above:  Facebook page with new post promoting services for a company with a website in East Dublin (OH) along with a "lives in" location of Washington D.C. 

    Above:  Company profile on Facebook with a Washington D.C. location.

    Above:  Company webpage with an address in East Dublin (OH). 
    Update II:
    It's like a psychosis to be honest.  What makes it worst is that some people just don't seem to see it.  On 09/23/14 the good doctor posted on his Facebook page:
    The good doctor starts out his post with a disparaging epithet (crackers) and then even assumes those "crackers" must have been police.  Still that isn't enough the doctor then relates how "more stores are looted and burned in white neighborhoods plus white homes".  Ah, so now the doctor is threatening peoples homes, eh?  Remember how this has to continually escalate to maintain attention.  Still the doctor states the "white man is inciting violence by burning this memorial". 
    Just how delusional must one be to accuse others of inciting violence when the accuser has a history of posting threats.  How about this, the doctors post was "shared" by a supposed member of the African American Defense League who wrote just today that:
    So now Officer Wilson and all other white officers need to be "beat the fuck up and Be Headed".  Honestly, were talking about beheading people now, for real.  Jesus, man. 

    Instead how about some rational thought.  What were the total number of murders in America in 2012 (the 2013 UCR is not complete at this time) by race and gender? 

    As you can see above, more blacks in America were killed than all other races combined.  That should be worrisome.  But what about offenders, who committed murder in America in 2013  by race and gender?

    Well, more blacks were offenders than all other races combined. 

    The truth is ALL murder is wrong but to act as if there is an epidemic and ignore the crime rate within the black community or to dismiss the call to  "behead" someone is not just ignorant but dangerous.  To put it simply look at the trend of gun deaths in America and remember that Black America accounts only 13.20% of the entire population

    Of course Mr. Taahkarr and the doctor could also simply look at a past issue of Ebony Magazine (August 1979) in a special issue titled, "Black on Black Crime the cause, the consequences and the cures" that discusses the very same problems we see today.  But I am just "whitey" trying to change the subject or something instead of a guy saying all violence should be addressed, right.   

    Back to the quote about beheading.  I noticed the doctor didn't call this man out and say he was inciting violence. Then again, how in the hell can he when the good doctor tweeted: 

    Or this . . .

    How about this . . . .

    Maybe this . . .

    On a side note regarding the above post ("Brian Cloninger is a dead man!") the doctor must not  believe he wrote those words.  Seriously.  On the website Minister Mauricelm X it states,  "He denied ever making the death threat or offering a reward for the death of Brian Cloninger, stating, "If I ever decide to covert an operation it will never be in front of any witnesses." (See screen grab below).  Then it dawned on me.  Minister Mauricelm X didn't say it, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere wrote it - so if there are issues of a dissociative disorder there exist some deniability.  Right?  (sarcasm). 

    Screen Grab (above) of the good doctor denying what he had actually written on Facebook.  

    Veiled threats are just kind of the norm.  Consider a recent post by Mauricelm-Lei Millere:

    Just what does that mean, "we will give you guys one"?  Seriously.  Does the doctor  understand the legal system and is he aware that the Chief of Police does not render a verdict?  Does he understand that a "conviction" can only be rendered after a trial and is given by a judge or jury?  Hell, we're just skipping the grand jury, indictment, trial and demanding a conviction!  Seriously. 

    Back to the doctors supposition that however the memorial to Mr. Brown caught fire that it was "off duty police".  How does he know this?  And what are the "predicted response" the doctor is thinking of, seriously, because he had already told folks through his Facebook account that "more stores are looted and burned in white neighborhoods plus white homes".  all because the "white man is inciting violence by burning this memorial".  How about the "black man" posting that "more stores are looted and burned in white neighborhoods plus white homes" was he inciting violence?  Was he inciting that people, wait, white people be put in danger and have their homes burned?  How about the "black man" who called for the beheading of white police officers, was he inciting violence?  What a hypocritical, delusional and completely maladjusted human  could make such statements.  Seriously. 

    But after his "rant" on "whitey" the doctor returned to his normal postings of self promotion by sharing; 
    Of course the doctor "liked" his post and then commented on the post three times with links to websites about him. 
    Then I noticed something odd about the above post.  Right above the link the post reads "Black Nationalist Network News, Bridgette Anderson, September 23, 2014". 
    Googling Ms. Anderson shows that every entry comes back to a post, website or blog radio show by or about the good doctor.  Odd for a reporter to be so tied hip to hip to one person. 
    The first "hit" above is to one of the many Google sites dedicated to the good doctor.  Changing the search parameters to exactly what is written you find: 
    From the top down, Ms. Anderson is mentioned in a politics Facebook page by the doctor, a suspend Facebook page for Juanita Moore for Monroe City Council, two references for the doctors blog talk radio show, the doctors Google site for OFAAU and Our Plight (along with donation link) and finally to the doctors "Brother X" twitter page. 
    Seriously . . . imagine two different searches done on a "reporter" with different criteria and the top seven hits come back associated with the doctors Google websites, his Facebook pages, Twitter page or his Blog Talk Radio show.  Hell, his name wasn't even part of the search criteria!  I am not saying Ms. Anderson isn't a legitimate reporter, I have no clue.  I do know that Black Nationalist Network  and News does have a corporate "like" page on Facebook and a total of one person has liked it. 
    Anyone wish to guess who that one like could be? 
    I then looked at the link provided below Ms. Anderson's name and found that it wasn't a link to a story written by her or a story tied to the Black Nationalism Network and News (whatever that is).  It is a link to the doctors supposed educational page (see below) and his theory on MAPD.
    I then noticed that the "book" (again, it's a paper, not a book) was posted Oct 13, 2009 by Brother X.  That struck me as pretty odd considering we know from the supposed Assassination website that in February 2012 the doctor was said to have administrated St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church of Holly Grove, Arkansas.  Raises your eyebrows to think that a Baptist Church would hire a Muslim as an administrator. 
    Then I remembered that the doctor had his resume posted with Reedy River Baptist Association in late 2009 searching for a position as pastor.  I also remembered that currently the doctor is listed as the donations contact for the Morning Star Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Louisiana.  So just when did the doctor become Brother X a Muslim and stop being a Baptist Minister?

    I then remembered that Mrs. Kewli had commented how the doctor was not a member of the NBPP and that he just might not  be a Muslim or at least not a good Muslim as he "eats pork"  and also has a history of false claiming associations with groups / organizations.  I wonder if the doctor is a member of the Nation of Islam and if not would the Nation of Islam approve of his Facebook profile page being an image of the Fruit of Islam (the doctor also uses the FOI image for  this Mauricelm X Facebook page).     
    Anyhow, back to the "book" link.  I looked at the site activity for the "book page" and found that Brother X could not have posted the "book" in October 2009.  According to the website, Brother X did not build a profile until February 18, 2013 and the site itself did not have any activity prior to that date. 
    I am thinking that Dr. Millere needs to hire an IT guy (hell, I am unemployed and could help him . . lol) to teach him how to turn off things like "activity logs" and to clean up his web history.  It trips him up and exposes the truth.  Although, I am sure the doctor would disagree with me and tell me how I am just a "white devil" or a "cracker" twisting things.  Right.

    The doctor appeared on the Jessie Lee Peterson Radio Show and that interview was published on 09/22/14.  The full interview is worth listening to as the doctor sounds confused.  He denies threatening but try's to pull that old convict trick (I worked in a long term Juvenile facility for more than 10 years doing group work.  You get used to it.) and say, "well, I said what I said", in other words he can't / won't discuss it or offer further insight to his words (yet, he calls himself a psychotherapist . . .right).  The best thing is that the host and a caller did a nice job of disagreeing with him in a respectful manner for the most part. 


    It's funny that the good doctor won't say in the interview above if he is a Christian or not.  To bad the radio host didn't know that he must be, right . . . the doctor is the donation contact for the Morning Star Baptist Church and boy, I would hate to think a southern Baptist Church is being mislead. 

    As expected the doctor has also started a new webpage for the African American Defense League.  The page has a "donate" button but does not have a hyperlink so it does nothing.  Most of the page is nothing more than cut and paste from the doctors other pages or news stories.  The page includes the ten point plan the doctor has referenced elsewhere and which he featured on his Arkansas Black Panther Party Page

    The AADL page has a list of "endorsements" that are nothing short of hilarious.  Here are the current endorsements for the AADL:

    Maybe someone should point out to the doctor that Anonymous isn't really an endorsement.  It's an unknown (or maybe not real) person.  If that Anonymous person was so proud to be associated with what you are doing why would they be Anonymous. 

    Still there is more.  After my initial post the "endorsement" tab was updated and now has one less Anonymous person. 

    The Regional Lieutenant (yes, the spelling is wrong on the AADL web page above, I know) Mr. Uriah Ikenga Taakrr is listed as an endorsement.  To be fair, I am not really sure how it would not be expected that someone involved with an organization is an endorsement but, OK.  But, I digress, there was a gentleman that posted on the AADL Facebook page with a similar name (see below). 

    Yet, as you can see by the screen shot from the AADL Wix page (above endorsements) and the screenshot from the AADL Facebook page (directly above) the names are similar but not the same.  The endorsement is a Mr. Taakrr while the gentleman on the AADL Facebook page is a Mr. Taahkarr.  Maybe it's the same person, I have no clue.  I imagine it could be just misspelled on the AADL Wix site as I have to believe the gentleman posting on the AADL Facebook page would surely know how to spell his own name. 

    As I have said before, I think the doctor is going to do more harm than good.  I think there are real racial problems in America but the doctor is not the answer.  In the process his actions, in my opinion, are putting many organizations mission at risk.  Some of those organizations I believe want to do good things.  I may disagree with how they wish to accomplish their mission but at the end of the day if things improve for American Citizens I am happy.  The reality is that as a social worker I am very familiar with the Black Panther Parties history along with the history of the Nation of Islam and while I would not agree with everything they say I would be blind, ignorant and dishonest not to admit that both groups have done some remarkable things for youth and for the communities they serve.  I don't have to like everything about a group or an individual to respect the good that they are capable of doing.  There is nothing about the doctor that I see as helping anyone improve. 

    When I worked as a program coordinator for a juvenile delinquency facility we utilized Positive Peer Culture as part of our treatment.  In that treatment you have what is known as the Negative Indigenous Leader (NIL).  Those "leaders" would try and get others to act out and do their bidding.  The NIL would manipulate and justify inappropriate behavior and would encourage others to go along with such disconnected thinking.  The NIL would try hard to present an image of being above reproach and that they were more gifted and talented than others in an effort to impress those in a position to help them.  I see much of the same here.  I am glad that the doctor has been called out for his actions if it s justified and pray that those call outs have the impact desired.  The doctor is obviously a passionate person, it just does not seem as if that passion is selfless.  Of course, I could be wrong and if so, I would apologize and change anything I have written that is wrong. 

    Anyhow; the doctor in one of his many videos said, "I am here to lead them to the water" and "You never deliver to anyone unless you tell the truth, you can't be afraid, you can't be afraid . . that's plain common sense".  I wonder what the "truth" of Marcus Miller aka Mauricelm-Lei Millere, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere aka Brother Mauricelm aka Brother X aka Minister Mauricelm X really is.

    The doctor publically wondered: 

    He answered his own question when presented with someone who seemed to be genuinely willing to accept all ethnicities.  Instead of acknowledging the goodness of that position the doctor replied with: 

    But . . . . he wouldn't see that and honestly . . . THAT is the problem with some so-called civil rights leaders in America.  Still, what do I know, right.  I am just a "cracker". 

    Disclaimer:  I feel nothing but sympathy for those who are being placed, willingly or not, into a relationship with the doctor because his actions and the media's inability or unwillingness to search for the truth will have an impact.  In the end, I believe many people will be disappointed (emotionally) and will suffer real harm (isolation) because of his caustic demeanor and very sketchy pontifications. 

    I have shared my observations with the doctor and have informed him that anything he finds incorrect I would be more than willing to change.  If I hear from him and can show me what may or may not be correct I will make those changes. 

    That's just my opinion and what does it matter, right.  To the doctor I am just "whitey" or a "cracker".  Cool.  OK.  Oh, on that whole "cracker" thing, if I have to be a "cracker" (which btw, my family was considered non-white European until the 1930 census but that's another story) can I at least be my favorite cracker? 

    Laugh all you want . . . that's a good ass cracker!  (they go great with jalapeno, habanero or red pepper hummus dip along with a nice cold case of Red Stripe but that's just me). 

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