Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready and waiting . . . . without an occupant (yet).

So . . . with just a few days before Ethan's arrival his bedroom is finally finished. Laura and her Mom (Debbie) did a great job with his room - oh, I did paint and move stuff :-). So . . . what is it like? It's pretty cool - and here it is:

Ethan's ceiling . . . with clouds!

The "Bengal Tiger".

The "Meerkat".

Ethan's cradle. (The crib was brought from Germany by Laura's great grandfather and was used as a cradle for her grandfather, father, uncle and even for Laura and her sister Kristi - that's amazing to me).

The "gator" along with the tree.

The "giraffe".

Well - there it is - the room is ready - wonder if Ethan is?

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