Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It goes SO fast . . . time that is ?!?

The kids and I did NOTHING . . . . seriously . . . NOTHING . . . . during the weekend (23 - 24 July) and time went so . . . so . . FAST!

We went swimming. Used some more sprinklers. Watched movies and simply stayed near each other but . . . . that's about it.

Knoah decided that he would wake me up early on Sunday (say 4:45 early) and he and I slept the rest of the morning together. The truth was that I didn't sleep - I was to happy to have Knoah sleeping on my chest to sleep. I held his hand, brushed his hair, wiped his face and talked to him about all the things I hope he should know!

Over the weekend we did build a replica of the Wright Brothers Airplane and also played the Wii together . . . but - ya know what? That was it - we just hung out and honest - I would not change it for anything in the whole world!

Jacob Matthew with the "Wright Brother's" plane.

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