Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Jake the Snake's" MoJo is . . . "GGGGGREAT" for the Lions (even if Tony the Tiger said it!).

OK - let's be clear here . . The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest National Football League franchise. History has seen the Lions as both great and well, for the majority of my 42 years on this earth, horrible. But . . thanks to a creative, thoughtful, intelligent and insightful eleven year old boy, things are (as Bob Dylan sang) "a change'n".

We can all play the little game of "why" the future looks bright for the Lions and well, maybe, drafting Matt Stafford, Javid Best and Ndamukong Suh has "helped" the cause - a little. But, I for one, know that the real cause for the new "sunny" forecast for the Lions (in addition to the win over the Amazingly talented and highly respected, Cleveland Browns on the 28th of August (Lions 35, Browns 27)) is due first and foremost to the game changing pre-season tradition brought forward by "Jake the Snake"! Yes, were it not for his ingestion of "Lion's Kick Off Crunch" and the prayers, wishes and dreams laid forth to the football God's (all hail Vince Lombardi and those who have hoisted his trophy) the Lion's would not have such a rosy outlook as they approach this season!

Yeah - deny the power of a boy and his dream!

"Snakeman" - Jacob Matthew Reagan Sweat . . With his magical "Kick-Off" Crunch!

Notice: No commitment to victory or future winning is predicted and or anticipated by this writer. This prose was crafted with the full intent of offering forth one of the few viable services this writer may possess - sarcasm. The reader would like to remind everyone that at the end of each day the team wearing the Honolulu Blue, Silver and Black are still owned by William Clay Ford (no offense intended - in fact, I own a Ford and Mr. Ford if you somehow hear about this entry - I think you are a great owner who has had misfortune since you purchased the team in 1964 and that such misfortune is neither something you could control or something you caused. In fact, Mr. Ford, may I say . . if you are searching for a personal valet or any other underling role within the Ford Dynasty . . please feel free to contact your humble servant at the blog) and are still . . The Lions.

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