Saturday, September 4, 2010

If you build it . . . we will play . . .

I knew that the weekend would be hectic (30 Aug - 1 Sept) but I really had no idea some of the "silly things" we would do!

After picking up the kids and doing the normal "snack" shopping we decided to get something to eat. I really try to let the kids pick where they would like to eat and don't really fuss too much when it comes to whatever selection of restaurants that they have made. For me, going four days without seeing them means that I can tolerate someplace that I may not really want to eat just so long as I am with them. There selection this week was no different! They decided that it was necessary for us go to Pizza Hut! I am as much a pizza lover as the next person and really don't have anything horrible against pizza hut it's just not the place that I would have picked. Thankfully, anytime you are with "Jannob" it can always be fun if you let it.

Jacob and Hannah had ended "summer school" earlier in the day and were excited to tell me about all the cool things they had gotten for "point reward". Hannah was most appreciative and happy with what she was able to get. She did not care that she had earned enough points to get a backpack or that she had earned a new book. No - Hannah was happiest that she had gotten "vampire teeth"! Her obsession with the little plastic "vampire" teeth is really nothing new and every year around this season she begins "craving" them! The funny thing here is that Hannah is scared by "Halloween" and does not like anything with blood or gore! Which makes me wonder - she knows that when you are going to "drink someones blood" there is "gore" right? Hannah was able to get several pair of her beloved "vampire" teeth and willingly recruited Jacob and Knoah into becoming part of her clan before we ate! Honestly, I am not sure who was more amused by them - me or a former co-worker that we ran into while at Pizza Hut. The best part came when they agreed to a group "vampire" photo!

After dinner we decided to begin making the trek to my house but not before stopping at the Goodwill in Monroe to see if they may have any "board games". This has become a new thing for us and something that I have really grown to enjoy; board games! We have found that looking for new games anytime we are near a second hand store is always fun - first because the games are usually under 2.00 and secondly because each time it is always a surprise! I normally try and avoid the Monroe Goodwill (long story but let's just say that several years ago a "manager" there decided that it was OK to mistreat my self and my family . . ) but as the parking lot was nearly empty (meaning . . her car was not there!) and it is right next to Pizza Hut we decided to "check it out"; good thing too! We found an awesome game called - "Rhyme N Climb" (which was a 3D Dr. Seuss game). It was our other "purchase" that proved "troublesome" for me!

Jacob has grown an odd obsession with the "Titanic" which I guess I can understand as when I was younger and Dr. Robert Ballard "found her" and photo's were broadcast around the world, I became very fascinated with the ship and the legend. So much so that I still have the National Geographic from that time and have even read; "A night to remember" by Walter Lord. Jacob decided that he needed to expand his Titanic knowledge after finding the film; "Titanic" - you know the James Cameron 3 hour and 14 minute epic starring; DiCaprio, Winslet, and Zane! Yea - that "Titanic"! Look - I am not a hater but . . truth told I just did not think that he would sit through the film and more importantly I was scared that if he did it would become a "Jacob Obsession", which is to say that he would grow so attached to the film that it would not leave the player for days, weeks or months! Still, he wanted it and it was only 50. cents so I took the chance. Bad - bad, move! Once we arrived home Jacob ran straight to my bedroom and put the film into the player - which is where it remained until Sunday night (thank you, very much).

Saturday morning was the normal - Knoah up early with me and he and I playing games. We put the "new" game together - "Rhyme n' Climb" and began playing. After a few rounds I noticed that Knoah was doing his normal thing of grabbing his head and saying, "ahh, man . . " when something happen but that this time it looked different. This time his fingers were nearly touching! This is kind of a big deal for kids that have achondroplasia (to be able to touch there hands on top of there heads) and I became very excited over it! Knoah really did not get what all the fuss was over but was able to get excited after he beat me at the game!

Once Jacob and Hannah awoke and joined us was "plotted" the day. Earlier in the week I had stopped at TJ Maxx and had found set of Bocce Balls for only 6.00. Of course, I picked them up as I figured that anything with a ball and throwing could be something that Knoah would love. I asked the kids if they were interested in "building" a bocce court out of PVC pipe so that we could play. They were so we knew that a visit to Lowes would be in order. After breakfast we gathered ourselves together and set out for the Adrian Lowe's to get the items needed for our bocce court.

Next to Lowe's in Adrian is a re-sale shop which again - is "way too difficult" for us to simply pass up! I am glad that we didn't as we found an art easel for Hannah along with a new game; "Mator's Tractor Tipping" all for four dollars!

We than decided to make our way to McDonald's for an early dinner (and because the kids LOVE the play land in Adrian - mostly because of the video games) then made our way home to set up the bocce court.

While Knoah and I were working on the bocce court, Hannah decided to "draw" on her new easel (oh, Jacob was watching Titanic, just in case you were wondering). Hannah kept her subject matter close at hand and once finished announced that we needed to "come see" her newest work. I know that everyone thinks there kids are the most gifted, prettiest, smartest, fastest, strongest, happiest and most wonderful children ever. But, in the case of Hannah and her creativity and ability to draw - it's true! I could not help but smile when she showed us her "newest work" and I can't help but "share it"!

Knoah and I were then able to finish the bocce court and even able to play for a while before we decided to finish the night with a bit of a "dance" party; brining out the disco strobes, turning on music and having fun. We were even able to get Jacob away from Titanic long enough to join in the festivities! (Course if you notice he is on the right and is standing still! He joined us but only long enough to ask; "OK, can I go watch Titanic now?").

Sunday morning came as it normally does - way too quickly! But, we all rose early, which is to say that Jacob rolled out before we hit double digits! We then had a nice breakfast of Pancakes and both Jacob and Knoah received a new "hair cut". Hannah had her nails done and then we decided to really break in the bocce court by playing together.

Jacob became disillusioned early in the tournament as he does not like doing things that he is not immediately good at - normally this occurs when the game is something that Hannah or Knoah can beat him at and bocce proved to be Hannah's game! (who knew?).

Hannah and I then finished an Oreo Cream Pie that we made for them to take home and then began our trek to Monroe for ending of our "weekend". Saying, "good bye" always sux's but this weekend it was not so bad as I knew that in just a few more days we would be together playing again!

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