Saturday, May 1, 2010

You have got to be kidding me . .

Man, my Karma sucks! Ya know, I am remaining as optimistic as possible with not only my outlook but also desire to move forward in a positive manner but I must admit . . I am thinking my Karma needs and intervention!

Consider that in the last 18 months I have; lost a job, been laid off twice, had my pay cut by 40%, lost my kids dental coverage (which btw, I am now paying for monthly, thank you very much), been asked for a divorce on Christmas day, totalled my car (which btw; if you can prevent an airbag from going off in your face, do it . . having a broken sternum suck, honest), recently discovered that I am in default on two bills, been hit with a back hospital bill that I did not know existed and now . . (and there is an another, more serious issue going on that, frankly, I caused and am to blame for. I will be honest and discuss that issue once it gets "resolved", so to speak). . . .

After Jacob's concert I was driving my sister's Ford Windstar when the transmission went out. OK, I get that it is a mechanical failure and all but, gee, did I have to be behind the wheel when it happened!

Only one thing left to do . . search out someone that can perform and exoticism on my Karma . . But, ya know what, I think of the kids and somehow everything is alright . . must be the laugh, eh?

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