Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hannah and Knoah's "Art Show"

Hannah has always had a wonderful aptitude to draw, paint and create. She has also always had a neat obsession with animals and particularly, "Dragons". So, a few weeks ago I found this book that taught you how to draw dragons and got if for her. Here are some of her first "renderings". As a nine year old I think that she is "amazing". Knoah is trying very hard to following in her footsteps and for a three year old who has had so many difficulties with his motor skills I think he too is pretty amazing. OK, truth is I think all three of my kids are the most amazing and spectacular children ever put on this earth, thank you very much!

Hannah's "Flying Snake Dragon"

Hannah's "Hot Day in the Sun Dragon"

Knoah's "Scoodle - Doo"

Hannah's "Hey, Fart Face Dragon"

Hannah's "Dad and Daughter Dragon"

Knoah's "Scoodle Dee Boo"

So, that is the art show from our weekend - 21, 22 and 23 May 2010. It was a wonderfully productive and happy time and I have a post for it but am holding on to it for now - remember the rule from my first post. Oh and just to be clear, Hannah helped by naming all of the art work.

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