Thursday, August 2, 2012

. . . . . ya know, life is WONDERFUL . . .

It has been a long while since I wrote anything - after promising myself that I would be more active - HA! Guess that I need to work on improving.  Well, improving on the blog that is.  In life - I am super happy right now and I have started to understand why. 

A while back I made the decision that I needed to be more "positive" with my general outlook and acceptance about things.  It wasn't that I was walking around angry and bitter but I was spending too much time thinking about things I couldn't correct or control.  Yep, I don't have the amount of money I want and geez . . . bills suck. Yep, I go for days and days without getting a return call or text from the kids and that sucks. But - none of these things are something that I can control and all I can do is be the best person that I am suppose to be, right?

One of the biggest changes that I decided to make was to stop from reading so many political blogs. Honestly, my "favorites" section on Internet explorer had more than forty blogs that I would read or look at daily. I also decided to give up talk radio in favor of K-Love (96.9). Both of these decisions have greatly helped me learn to walk away from thoughts and feelings that I have about the behavior of others and has given me "prospective". I have wrestled with this idea of "prospective" for a long time and even renamed this blog because of it. I, just like everyone else, have to contend with the idea that it, "prospective" is an ever evolving creature and one that can only be seen clearly with a firm foundation. K-Love, the music and commentary, has really helped me start building a better foundation or rather a more clear foundation.

Laura has been and remains nothing short of AMAZING and I can't express to her in words how much I appreciate and love her. During the past two years she has stood beside me and supported me more than I ever thought possible. She is an terrific mother and I am proud to call her, "my girl"! She has reminded me of the things that are important to me; my kids, family and believing / feeling that I am doing something helpful with my life.

I feel so happy and thankful for the great things that I have been granted; Jacob, Hannah, Knoah, Ethan and of course; Laura Leigh! My position at work is wonderful and I love what I do so it is much less work than something that fulfills my desire to feel as if I am helping.

Work has led me to meet some wonderful people and thinks to one of them, I have been nominated for a terrific opportunity that would be a great honor for me. The lead agency that is my program granter, has nominated me to apply for the American Express Leadership Academy. The program ran by American Express is a year long commitment that begins with "pre-conference" work before being invited to New York for a week to learn from professionals with American Express on how to integrate non-profits, NGOs and the corporate community. I am humbled just to have been nominated to apply and will be awestruck if I am accepted. There are only 48 persons a year admitted and if by God's blessing, I happen to be one of them, WOW. . . how cool is that!

There have been somethings that, in the past, would have been a "set back" for me; Knoah needing to be admitted into U of M (more on that later), not hearing from the kids, bills that seem to "pile up" but . . . they have not only been taken in stride they have each been good learning experiences for me.

I believe the biggest change has occurred for one reason - I have made the decision to commit myself to being the man that God would like me to be and to ask him for direction and assistance. I am so very thankful that he has accepted my apologies for my past behavior.

I have begun to surround myself with positive things and the one that has been most easily recognized has been in the music I listen to. Since I have switched to K-Love, I have found a whole new genre of music that is becoming more and more important to me for it's meaning and outlook. So - that is where I am. I am happy, content, satisfied and in love! Life is well.

Some of the songs / artist that have become important to me:

Bandon Heath - I'm not who I was

Tenth Avenue North - Losing

Big Daddy Weave - Redeemed


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