Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a bit "overdue" . . . :-)

Now that Ethan is more than eight months old and I am still not caught up on sharing him I thought that the quickest and most simple way would be to "pirate" some of the video's that Laura has made so that he can not only be seen but be "heard".

Ethan on Halloween . . . . just 2.5 months old. 

Ethan at 4 Months . . . . "Giggling" and being his normal happy self.

The now "famous" . . . "Ethan Song" . . .

So he, like every kid, changes nearly daily and is gaining so much more personality then you could ever have imagined.  He loves playing with Jacob, Hannah and Knoah and it is so cool to see him (as he is now crawling) go after Knoah. 

There he is . . . . eight months old and the entire world waiting in front of him!

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