Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr. Thrifty (LOL . . . )

OK - Here is a clear blog violation that I just have to share (oops - the violation is based on my first post (please read the "ground rules" if you have not - in that this "post" has not set for two days before being shared. But - as the kids are still in bed (yes, it's 12:00 on New Years Day and they are SLEEPING (everyone except Knoah who has already beaten me at Wii Resort Bowling four times!) - guess that is what happens when you don't get in bed until after 3:00 am! ! (oh, well, we had fun and I will share the pictures once I write a post - although they are already up on Facebook).

So - what I am I sharing? How about this; what does 42.00 get you at Value World when you have a 50% off coupon?

How about:

1 Pr American Eagle Jeans (Jacob)
1 Pr Urban Outfitters Jeans (Jacob)
1 Nike Michigan Pullover (Jacob)
1 Detroit Tigers Hoodie (Jacob)
1 CCCP Zip Up Jacket (Jacob)
2 Pr Justice Jeans (Hannah)
1 Pr Levi's Jeans (Hannah)
1 Pr Doc Martin Zip Up Boots (Hannah)
1 Pr Kid Tech Shoes (Hannah)
1 Pr US Polo Association Jeans (Knoah)
1 Pr Nike Tennis Shoes (Knoah)
1 Pr Lands End Boots (Knoah)
2 Button Up Children's Place Long Sleeve Polo Shirts
2 Pull over Children's Place Sweaters (one v neck, one zip up) (Knoah)
1 Ralph Lauren long sleeve polo (Knoah)
1 Carter's Children Wear Pull over striped sweater (Knoah)
1 Pull over zipper sweater (Knoah)
1 Old Navy sweater vest (Knoah)

and . . . .

6 Beanie Babies (Hannah)
1 board game; History of the United States (Jacob)
2 "Shake and Rumble" cars from Fisher Price (Knoah)
1 Little Tykes "rock n ride" pony (Knoah)
Video Toy Story 2

WOW . . . . what an awesome shopping experience! ! !

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