Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lazy . . . . weekend for "Wii", they and me . . .

After last weekend's "birthday" extravaganza in addition to the last several "weekend" birthdays and Thanksgiving, I think the kids and I were both just kinda "tired". So after discussing what to do for the weekend (17 - 19 December) we settled on simply spending time together playing games (Wii and or one of the ten or twenty board games we have amassed). Considering Christmas was so close and I still had not finished shopping this was fine with me.

We spent Friday as a family playing "Wii" bowling . . . which of course as a rule, I am required to lose; mostly because I sux! Saturday was spend playing with Thomas, The Artin Race Track (which I received as a Christmas present about ten years ago), playing Connect Fours, Blues Clues, and Harry Potter Chess! We did decide to dress during part of the weekend and made it out to Tecumseh to pick up some "snacks" from the local Bush's Grocery Store and of course - Knoah was his normal "clown" self once we returned and he felt the need to run around in Hannah's winter boots . . which of course Hannah tried to act "upset" about until I pointed out that she was the one that helped him "put the boots on".

Hannah "helping" Knoah put on her boots.

Knoah "Hamming" it up in Hannah's Boots.

We enjoyed a "quiet" Saturday night followed by a quick and early Sunday morning as the kids had a birthday party to attend for one of there cousin's. Dropping them off and saying good-bye I don't think will ever be easy and driving away will always be heartbreaking but at least I know that I will see them again soon and this time it will be to celebrate Christmas! Until then I can keep some wonderful "peaceful" images in mind.

Knoah "sleeping" on the way to the birthday party.

Jacob playing with the "Lego" Iphone application.

Knoah, Hannah and Hannah's new "friend" Allie . . . sleeping on the way to the party (although, I am not sure "Allie" was really asleep!).

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