Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to all.

2012 is coming to a quick end and with 2013 upon us it is a great time for me and all of us really, to consider the year just past and the year moving forward.

This year was a terrific year with amazing highs but some horrible lows. We celebrated birthdays as Jacob, who continues to grow and is now wearing my cloths, turned 14. He is a now a young man who is thoughtful, considerate, intelligent and amazingly helpful. I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him continue to grow.

Hannah is now twelve. She is becoming a young girl and as her Dad you bet that I am terrified! LOL. But, she is smart, head strong, creative and loving. She is fulfilling the promise of being the artist that she always seemed to be.

Knoah is an amazing six year old who is determined, intelligent, happy and most amazingly loving and welcoming to all. He continues not only to grow but to amaze me with his desire to learn new things. He is curious, creative and simply amazing. He and I enjoy playing together and I have even learned to love caring for his invisible cobra when he is not at the house with me.

Ethan, at just one is . . . . simply wonderful. He is bright, curious, affectionate, happy and very, very head strong with who he is. He is running, jumping, climbing, talking and taking in any and every chance he can to learn.

The best of this year has been the time that I have spent with Laura and the kids. We have visited the Zoo, Water Parks, College Home Coming (Adrian), Harvest Festivals, Train Festivals, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We have played games inside and outside and have created some of our own games, too. Jacob and I visited Chicago and were able to see all of the sights in the City including seeing Al Capone's home (something Jacob HAD to see). We have went to baseball and Hockey games.  We have seen the stars from "Hardcore Pawn" (lol).  We have hosted outdoor movies.  We have went swimming and for walks.  We have made crafts and baked too many cakes and cookies to count.  We have learned the joy that is "puppy chow"!  We have shared and gown and learned and love.  In the end, we have lived. 
Laura and I have spent time in Columbus with her amazing sister Kristi. Because I have been absorbed with “life” this year I have not blogged as much and I know that I am missing things but suffice it to say . . . . it has been a pretty good year and I am happy that it has been my life.

The bad things this year . . . and there are always some down moments, right. Sadly, Knoah spent some time at the U of M Childrens Hospital. I find myself again out of work. I seem to have a “knack” for picking up “flat tires” . . . lol! I found out how much it hurts to be stung by a bald faced hornet on six occasions!

But through it all I have to confess . . . . 2012 was pretty great. I have four wonderful children and I have an amazing woman in my life. Laura and I have now been “together” for over 26 months and we have grown into an amazing relationship. In truth, she is more the reason than I. Laura is accepting, intelligent, honest (to a fault), happy, passionate, maternal, beautiful, sexy, fun and most important to me . . . . with me :-).

Christmas has, for the last few years, been difficult for me. But today . . . . Christmas 2012 is the beginning and recognition that life is and will be wonderful if you let it be. We have a busy day today as we have Christmas with Laura's family and then I will drive to Monroe to pick up the chicklets for Christmas Day in the morning. We will spend the next several days enjoying each others company and the wonderful that is the holiday season.

Life isn't perfect but it is . . . . perfectly amazing.

I have wonderful things to be thankful for and wish to thank Craig and Debbie for all of the wonderful things that they have done for me, Laura, Ethan, Jacob, Hannah and Knoah. They are great people and I am so happy that I have gotten to know them. I am thankful for my family; Dad, Mom, Peg, Tony, Stacy, Michael, Shawn and Ebony and wish the best for all of them. I miss my nephew Michael and hope that 2013 gives us the chance to reconnect. I miss my Niece Stacy and her wonderful boys Bralyen and Jackie. I feel sad that I have not even seen or held Jackie in person yet and pray that 2013 gives me that chance. I have enjoyed that facebook has allowed me a window into the lives of may of my aunts, uncles and cousins and am so thankful that they are there.

So . . . Merry Christmas to all and may 2013 bring the best for each of us. God Bless.

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