Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 235th Birthday Amercian and Happy Birthday Laura!

The weekend is not over yet and still it has been filled with some great memories; Building a damn with Jacob, catching crawfish with Hannah, Jacob and Knoah, having a baby Racoon walk up and say hello, catching a pearch in my shoe, swimming with the kids, celebrating Laura's birthday, baking a cake, grilling chicken and of course . . . . fireworks!

235 years ago America declared independance from England. Not even three decades ago Laura was born on this earth - not sure that the two are related but . . . they do share the same date.

So far this holiday has been wonderful and filled with play, excitment and honesty. It's not over yet but I wanted to share some quick thoughts and maybe a photo or two.

God Bless. Happy Birthday Laura and Happy Independance Day America!

Jacob admiring his hard work - the damn you see in the background.

Hannah and her new "love" . . . . . LOL :-)

Knoah Franklin.

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